How to add rubber or metal when making a 3d printed GT/Sparking Bey?

Hey guys I was trying to 3D print a GT bey for me and brother. But there have been a few issues: How do you end up adding metal on the Beyblade, and how do you end up adding rubber on the Beyblade. Can anyone with this experience please me out? It would be  fantastic. And what tools do i need to do this?

If this works iam actually to start my own Beyblade company after the Beyblade burst saga ends( which will most likely be next year) . Basically it would give the opportunity for people to have their own personalised Beyblade. I believe this is the future of Beyblade after Beyblade burst sparking ends. So it would mean the world to me if you can help me out. Thank you soo much!
Please use an existing 3d printing thread in Your Creations or the Beyblade random thoughts thread. Stop making a brand new thread for every single question you have.