How to Edit and Create Articles on the Wiki

No, all articles must be approved before they can be published on Beywiki.
For the handful that might ever use it, please note that the <div> currently messes with headers. The header following one such tag will appear in the table of contents, but will not in the main body of the article.
Not sure if this has been addressed yet, but drafts for new articles aren't listed on the Wiki's policy page. If nothing else, it will help out if a new user decides to make a bunch of unnecessary pages so they can't say "I didn't know".
"login to Beywiki with your WBO account". This does not work for me.

Is their still an account synchronisation or do I have to create a dedicated wiki account?

And do I have to wait till 2 or 3 people say "Your draft is fine" before I post my article in the wiki?