How do I Metagame?

So I've just bought my first beyblades, a Rock Zarafa, Grand Cetus and Thermal Lacerta, spin tracks and tips are
(Zurafa) ST - R145
Tip - Wide Ball

(Cetus) ST - WD145
Tip - Rubber Spike

(Lacerta) - WA130
Tip - Hole Flat

Through testing, Cetus is pretty carp, gets beat by both, and Zurafa outlasts Lacerta's attacks.

What parts are good, why are they good and are there any decent combinations for these three, or is there something else I could buy to make a better combination?
For formatting combos:

Rock Cetus WD145RS

It makes things more understandable Smile.

Sadly, your parts are outclassed, besides Rubber Sharp, which is a decent defense tip and R145 which is a good attack track in some combos.
You can go ahead and ask this question in our Build Me A Combo thread here:

You can get an answer there.
You can also see a list of competitive customizations for MFB Standard here:
Also, check out the thread for limited combos. It is a type of tournament format that bans some of the strong parts, giving some of the older and cheaper beys a chance to shine
But yeah, the one that Brad linked above and the one I just linked were basically my buying guide when I first started playing