How did you get into beyblade?

When I came into the kitchen my brother was watching the tele. I saw a figure who was standing behind a tree(Kai) on the TV. I asked my lil bro who was that and he told me about beyblade. Ever since then I've loved beyblade, not so much for the actually blades but for the relationships between the characters. I love the characters relationships between each other and eventually I got into the blades themselves. Though, I don't know all that much about blades.
I remember the show airing and was like oh awesome, theres a show for these random spinning toys now, but once I watched the show i became a fan, then the next day just seeing these kids battling eachother with them and yeah was hooked on them.
my friend show me it then we started practicing all the time
i saw the show once while watching digimon and got hooked.
I saw the television show and found some fake Beyblades at a convenience store so I bought some. Hooked!
Honestly at first I thought beyblade was the most retarded thing ever created.

I had seen an episode of the show on TV and couldn't believe how ridiculous it was. About a week later I went over to my cousin's house (Who you may remember by various aliases "BlueDonkey" and later "Tidus" at Beyblade Spirit) and he had like 10 or so of the actual toys. After making quite a bit of fun of him for it he finally talked me into trying the game out.

We played for 4 hours straight and I have been hooked on the game ever since.

But I still think the show is (mostly) retarded. Grin
I saw the commercial for the toys, then the anime a little while later. Soon everyone in my town was hooked. I held tournaments in my backyard every week until the summer ended.

good times
I remember watching it on tv, which was the first season and loving the battles but disliking Tyson's cheeks...

I saw a whole bunch of Beyblades lined up behind a shop counter, which looked awesome and bought Master Dranzer, my first beyblade.
My friends brought their beyblades in to school one time (They're brothers). Everyone crowded around to watch them battle. Then, I asked where to get one and they gave me a list of stores I could go to. Eventually, I got a Draciel S. That was my first blade.
In Grade 4 I saw a group of kids battling in a lunch box at recess and was instantly hooked. If I remember correctly, one guy was using Bakushin-Oh and the other Roller Defenser.
i think i saw it in a boyslife magazine haha

that christmas i got driger F and dragoon F i believe. good times
I saw the anime, looked 'Beyblade' up on the net and discovered you could buy the actual toys. I went to every toy shop in my town and the next town over and everywhere was sold out. I then found a fake Dranzer S at a market and loved it to pieces.

I ended up swapping that for a fake Wolborg until I got given an official Hasbro Hayate (I know, carp) which I tried to jazz up by attaching pieces of the plastic figure to the attack ring, LOL.
My cousin and I were spinning quarters one day when I was in Cali and then we saw a Beyblade commercial on TV and we're like "wtf are we doing" so we got Beyblades at TRU.

I saw them in toys r us.
then when I went home I saw the commercial.
So I ended up going back and buying them.
Pichuscute Wrote:i saw the show once while watching digimon and got hooked.

Same for me, and people started playing at school.

Good times.
Saw the show on YTV.

Now, I blame Hasbro(I also blame them for collection of transforming robots), Nelvana, and Madhouse.
I saw the Anime and love them so much and in the promotion on the TV for the beyblades i saw that we can buy it and next day i bought galzzly and i still love the game.
I got Galeon Attacker for my birthday, an awesome first beyblade to have, the i got wing attacker.....worst beyblade to have, then i got Wolborg 2, and that was what hooked me 2 beyblades
I was just looking through a store one day, and when i saw them they seemed really cool. So I bought them, I showed my friends and they liked beyblades too for awhile. After that I started to watch the anime.
i saw one in a toys r us and thought it looked neat
i was in K-Mart looking 4 dragonball z toys and they were sold out so i seen a light up dragoon and got it and the next morning i wached it on TV and was hooked
I first discovered Beyblade while i was traveling with my dad, while traveling we decided to settle down in a nice suite hotel for a week then one morning while i was in the hotel me and my bro was watching medabots then beyblade came on shortly after and i liked it, my memory of that day is very vague since this happned over 5 or 6 years ago but thats how i first got involved with Beyblade.
I remember even now that day: I was playing with my black Hot Wheels car, then I've seen the show on the TV and I didn't like Tyson's cheeks either LOL, but I liked the way that they were cheering each other and how they were never giving up. After about 2 weeks, one classmate bought a Wing Attacker and I was like WOW; some time later, I purchased Galman (my first blade) and I got into BeybladeSmile. End of storySmile.
Me and my friends were just in toys r us, and the beyblades were just in the corner and they caught our eye. I got metal draciel and my friend got dranzer F and we battled them and thought they were awesomeXD. Ever since then we would go to toys r us every staurday and buy new ones.