High-Res WBO Icons for Vinyl Project

I'm looking for High-Res icons of all WBO stuff. I'm dusting off my Vinyl Cutter and also found sheets of white and red. Will give completed items to Kei when I see him.

Send Dropbox or Drive links via PM Joyful_3

Primarily Looking for WBO icon and World BeyBlade Organization original font.
I may even be able to do a Taka & Fumi vinyl if all goes smoothly = )

I made loads of Pokemon Go Team Vinyls last year.

*Sticker Vinyl. Goes on Everything including phone cases, cars, windows etc. Outdoor quality. Easy to peel off as well.
I am curious to see how popular these could be. I know that one person requested a car decal once, hah.

@[Kei] has all the graphics and would know which size is OK to distribute.