Hi i am new and i want to introduce myself.

Hi i am VulcanBlader. I have played beyblade since it first came out. I would like to make some friends here so will you please be my friend. here is a little about me: my favorite bey is Gravity Perseus. I am a huge fan of beyblade. I have a huge collection and know alot about beyblade. Lastly, I would like to have as many friends here as possible. Smile
Welcome to WBO! Anyways your username was taken, but the other guy was banned.
oh, well i have never been a user on this site before. on another note i like your signature.
hi vulcan, i thought i heard your name somewhere. hope you will be an active member.
pikabattler, yeah me too, I saw this on Youtube but I think he got banned.
how do i add you two as friends? (off topic)
Hello I'm a beyblade my favorite beyblade are:
EG 89 Dragoon

Metal Fusion:
Flame Libra
I have a beyblade team (Beycrushers: with friend)
and I want to beyblade all day.
VulcanBlader, Go to "My Settings", then go to the "Menu", scroll down to "Miscellaneous", then Click on "Buddy/Ignore List", last type our Names on there.
(Dec. 22, 2010  10:35 PM)VulcanBlader Wrote: how do i add you two as friends? (off topic)
settings>buddy/ignore list> add the names of the users under buddy list
HI, nice to met you. I am ThermalOrso2385, I came in a month ago. Do you want to be my friend vulcan blader? Because I have none. And If any one else wants to be my friend I acsept!
ME toooo, And all you other guys!!!!
Mfb Unboxer how did you get that signature???
I put you on my buddy list. And hey mfb unboxer do you want to be my friend?
Same question.
I love this tread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi welcome to the site
Helloo! any one
I gust voted!!
hi my names Nwolf! nice to meet you, and i am known for writing apparently good stories...
I voted for your bro, Brad(Buraddo)!
Yaaaa we ar all happy now!!!
(Dec. 22, 2010  10:58 PM)ThermalOrso2385 Wrote: I voted for your bro, Brad(Buraddo)!
Yaaaa we ar all happy now!!!
Thanks thats great just PM me stuff like that,don't want to get off topic
There are 20 post countng this one!
BY iam logging of now