Hey everyone!

Hey everyone. My name is Zizzac! I'm a nerd who enjoys all sorts of games and toys. I've been running a Youtube channel for the past 10 years or so, where I review products and have gameplay for different games. You can check it out at Youtube.com/Zizzca08 if you're interested at all!

I've been a fan of Beyblade ever since the plastic generation. I was right at the target age back then, and me and all of friends at school played, and we all loved it. We had our own teams, and our custom Beys, workouts and training we did, the whole nine yards, haha! 

When Metal Fight started coming out here in the US, I was actually working at Toys R Us, so I picked up a few to dabble into it. I really loved the idea of the string launcher, and the amount of customization you could do you the Beys, down to the height of it! I didn't have too many Attack Type Beys though, and so a lot of the matches just became boring with the two Beys barley touching and spinning forever. I even got to run the few in store events that Toys R Us held. I fell out of buying the new product as time went on, I only had 12 altogether, and the newest Bey I had was L Drago Destroy. But I always tried to keep up with the news when I could. 

Then, years later, Burst was announced. I waited until it was released here in the US, and picked up two (Doomscizor and Rocktavor) to try it out. And to be honest, I hated it. The tops were so small! Even though I liked that they kind of went back to the plastic generation setup, I didn't like how the customization went down from 5 pieces to 3. The launchers that came with them were so cheap and hollow with no gears or mechanical pieces at all, just your ripcord turning the Bey. And EVERY battle ended in a burst. I hated how long it took to actually battle playing solo. In the Metal Fight days, you could launch, attach another, and launch super fast with the string launcher, and when the battle was over, pick up both and go again. With these specific Burst Bey's though, EVERY battle ended with at least 1 burst finish. So it turned into launch, grab the other launcher and launch, both Beys burst, find all the pieces, re-assemble both Beys, throw the rip cord back in both launchers, set up the launchers, and THEN battle again. I also picked up the Supergrip launcher thinking it was actually closer to a real launcher, but nope. It was literally the same exact cheap hollow launcher with no mechanics just slightly longer. So, needless to say, I threw it all into the closet, and didn't touch it again. I still always kept up with a little bit of the news, mainly just stayed subscribed to the BeybladeGeeks and Jojo on Youtube.

But now we get to this year, and quarantine. Stuck in quarantine, I was watching a LOT of Youtube, and Jojo's videos kept getting reccomened to me, so I watched a few about some of the GT Beys, and was blown away with how much things had changed. They were bigger! They had more metal! They have a LOT more custimaztion! And the string launchers were actually good! So I decided to check out my local Target when fighting for groceries, and found a Hasbro Xcalius X4. I always thought they looked cool, and I liked the idea of an all out attack Bey. So I picked it up, and I fell in love with how much better it felt compared to my original two! So at this point, I dove head first into the rabbit hole with watching videos, studying the products, and looking around for what to buy. A couple weeks later, I picked up the Hasbro Perfect Phoenix, because I loved the idea of the ring being a separate piece to mess with battles, and Hades, because I loved the metal on the layer. I loved them too. 

Fast forward a few more weeks, and I had 10 Hasbro Burst Bey's. At that point, I knew it was finally time to pull the trigger on some Takara Tomy Beys. After a lot of research, I decided on Master Diabolos. It seemed like a decent overall Bey, could spin both ways, AND had a LR String Launcher. It was everything I needed. I picked it up from BeysAndBricks along with Cosmic Dragon and Erase Fafnir because they were cheap, and I wanted a team of 3 just in case I ever got to go to a tournament. When they finally came a couple weeks later, I was amazed. They felt SO much better than the Hasrbo Beys, and were so much heavier! I've been hooked ever since. 

I've gotten 4 new Hasbro Stadiums since then, because I've been trying to find one as close as possible to the Takara Tomy Standard Stadium. I'd much rather have that, but it's been hard finding one at a reasonable price with everything going on right now. And after finally getting the "Arena" Burst Stadium from 5 and Below, I think I've finally found a good substitute for now, haha.

So, that's my super long introduction. Just wanted to formally introduce myself and say Hi to everyone! I work at a game store in Austin, Texas, and I really look forward to running some events whenever everything goes back to normal. 

TL;DR - Old Beyblader, slowly getting into New Beys, and loving it. Smile
Welcome to the WBO !
Welcome to the wbo!
Welcome to the best beyblade place to be
Welcome to the WBO hope you have a good time here