Hey Its Me

Hey guys im a serious blader from teh tough suburbs in New York. Im just focused on battling and sharpening my skills......5
Welcome to the World Beyblade Organization!
Please read your welcoming private message for any questions you might have and for helpful threads.
If there isn't an answer to a question in the private message about a you may have about the site, then you should go here to ask it.
If you have any questions about the hobby of beyblading itself, then here's the place to ask it.
If you need combination help, please go here for help.
Although this all should be in your welcoming private message already Smile

Also fell free to PM me if you need anything. Im always around.
Dark, why you gotta go copying my welcoming message? Chocked_2
Anyways, have a great time here in the WBO, just make sure you follow the rules Wink
Hello, Welcome To World Beyblade Organization! Dont forget to read the rules, be useful to the other and don't get warned. If you need any help you can use 'search' or PM always welcome.
Stay Tuned, Be safe, Enjoy and nice to meet you!