Hello peoples!

I'm new to the WBO, and I can't wait to see the new Beyblades coming soon!
I used to have two beys from the Metal Fusion seriesEeeagle, and I think Libra(I don't remember for sure). I never got new beys after them, and they got confiscated during school, and I never knew what happened to those beys. I didn't got back into Beyblade until seeing some of the BeybladeGeeks videos. Seeing those battle and stuff got me back into Beyblade, and now I have two new beys: Ifrit, and Behemoth. Now I can't wait to battle people with my beys, but I haven't tested this combo I made: Bememoth Ifrit W145 BWD on an opponent. Info on this combo's performance is welcome.

Anyway, I hope to be apart of the Beyblade community, and possibly enter tournaments.

To many new users, it's taking me by surprise!
i love to see new people come and join