Hello, Mostrok Here

Just so say hello, completely new into this... lost to learn
You came on the wrong day, haha.

There's a bunch of crazy hectic April floos-ing going on, so as far as research on Beyblade itself, DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO ANYTHING, because it's most likely a joke. XD

Welcome aboard! Smile
I haven't seen any prank yet today except 'Toothpaste Oreos', and definitely none here on the WBO XD, so don't get worried Mostrok.

Nice name though, and welcome to the WBO, home of all Beyblade fanatics!
there is a lot to read adn learn and beyblades are hard to get around here. I'm from Peru... havent seen any organized play around here.
Welcome to the WBO! Have FUN!Grin
Make sure to read and follow the rules in the message Kai-V sent you!Smile