Welcome to the WBO! We are really nice
(Feb. 22, 2019  6:00 PM)Fafnir_F3 Wrote: Hello There, I have a fafnir F3 green!

Welcome to the WBO Fafnir_F3!
Hi there I am a new member I have one bey no launchers and no wins or loses.

I am a super nice guy and I love all things beyblade.

I did not even know this was here until one day I was looking for bey stores when i found this.

It is nice to know there a people out there who likes beyblade as much as me
Hello veltrek, welcome to the Wbo.
I have Nightmare Rex my own 3d printed beyblade

Welcome to the wbbo
Thanks and cool I want a 3D printer

I have a 3D pen

Do starters get free beys because the one I have is broken
Oh ok do you have extra beys you don't want?
Ok I think I will look at bey trade for parts