Hell Testing

I have its just that my mate has the beybladse that i want hell kerbex to battle. I want to win ofcource. I am going to buy 1 more beyblade I am not sure if I should get hell kerbex or gravity perseus
and I have read Oki's results..and cut me some slack I am a beyblade new bee
Those questions go in the Purchase Consultation topic.
kk thanks
but u are kinda harsh
but u are kinda harsh
(Dec. 29, 2010  11:46 PM)tman14 Wrote:
(Dec. 29, 2010  11:45 PM)Anubhab Wrote: Can some1 do hell kerbex (no custom) vs gravity perseus (no custom) and plz tell me which is better. And Can some one also do hell kerbex (no custom) vs rock leone (no custom)

... what would that prove?

btw thanks for being so harsh to me for my first day of being in wbo-I am only 7 u know it is kinda (very) shan
id try using a different tip rather than track. i haven't seen much testing on it and some might think its not as good as R2F, but try using the LF tip that comes with meteo ldrago or its rubber counterpart LRF. because i use the LF in my TT stadium launching as hard as possible and it stays inside the ridge all the time. the only way it gets out is by KO from another bey. The only issue i see with LF is traction/friction with the stadium floor as it doesn't show much of it so you could use the LRF if you have 1 if you are not satisfied with LF.
LF sucks.... If it can barely stay in with the friction of rubber then why would using a plastic bottom help this. I know you mention LRF in your post but i'm just saying why it makes no sense.
No, RF is better than any plastic tip so far for Attack. LRF wouldn't change much, only a faster RF in right-spin. That would change if Hell was left-spin though..
thanks- whats lrf btw
Look that up, or use the A - Q, G - A thread.
kk thanks 4 all ur help
u guys know so much! lol! thanks
I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but you should try this out with CH120/125/135/145.
It was implied everywhere..
My thoughts exactly, Kerbecs is not an essential purchase Smug
BD145.. Speechless Looks like Attackers are moving up, literally..
So your with me on this? o_0
BD145 looks good (right now, that is.), therefore making your statement not completely true, yet.
He only tested it on one track so this is no where near over.
yeah well he should make a video of it to support his results
and i agree with Mcfrown
he should test it on a different track
No video is needed. Testing from a trusted member is enough.
(Dec. 30, 2010  2:30 AM)Ultrablader Wrote: No video is needed. Testing from a trusted member is enough.

i know
i trust him alot so yeah
unlike some people i don't trust....(not you)off topic
Well why should he make a video then. Just wastes time that could be used for more testing.
MF-M Hell Kerbecs 100RF against MF-H Earth Bull R145CS please? If MF-M is not available then do MF. Hell Kerbecs 85SF against Burn Bull 85 (If not then 90 or 100)WD and MF-H Earth Bull R145CS also please.
MF has more weight than MF-M, I also suggest you request 100 because most, if not all wheels when put in the position of a destabilizer with inevitably scrape badly with anything lower than 100. Perhaps LDrago (MS) is the exception.
Testing added.

(Dec. 29, 2010  11:41 PM)Fyuuor Wrote: I have one request Oki, if you could please test Hell Kerbecs 145RF VS MF - H Earth Bull 230CS. I believe that with the introduction of the 230 track low track attack combinations will practically become non existent within the competitive meta game.

Hell Kerbecs 145RF destroys MF-H Earth Bull 230CS and RSF. It seems like 230's reign might not last long...
(Dec. 30, 2010  5:52 AM)OkiBlaze Wrote: Testing added.

Hell Kerbecs 145RF destroys MF-H Earth Bull 230CS and RSF. It seems like 230's reign might not last long...
Thnx for the tests Oki! So far 145 is proving to be very efficient in dominating 230 based opponents... and it has the most success overall. Not bad!
(Dec. 29, 2010  5:08 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: And defence too since it's so heavy.
How heavy is it?
seems that EXCEPT 145 Track,the higher the track,the worsen the result.
however the result may be the best ones because the recoil seems to
be high..