[Hasbro]  Liner-s testing and Discussion

Hey eveyone, I just got the Galaxy Zeutron and Gold X Betromoth pack so I am testing Liner-s to see if it's good in battles. All tests will be in Hasbro's blue beystadium and the beys will be strong launched.

Test 1
Rocktavor R4 0 Flow Liner-s vs. Nightmare Luinor Glaive Zephyr 
Rocktavor win rate is 60%
Luinor win rate is 40%

Test 2
Forneus F4 0 Star Liner-s vs. Spryzen Requiem S3 (Right Spin) 4 Flow Yard
Forneus Win Rate is 20%
Spryzen Win rate is 70%
1 Tie

Fimal Test
Luinor L2 0 Liner-s vs. Galaxy zeutron Z4. 4 Zeta Defense mode
Luinor win rate is 20%
Zeutron win rate is 80%

Overall, I think Liner-s is good if you know what you are doing. I recommend you use Round layers with this driver.
Maybe liner S May have some potential to be decent at best attacked a great
Liner was always decent for pure KO Defense, even with its poor balance that made it inferior to Orbit in most matches. Liner-S seems to carry that trait over, but with incredibly high burst resistance on top of it. I think it'd work decently for that sort of pure KO/Burst Defense role, although it's not as strong in the Defense mirror or against Stamina types.
Gonna revive this to do some testing with Liner-S.

Gaianon G4 (or G2) Yell Liner-S Vs. Kaiser Kerbeus Heavy Keep’. I did ten rounds.


Gaianon G4: 40% (4 OS’)

Kaiser Kerbeus: 60% (6 OS’)

I hated this battle so much. Whoever was launched first lost, so it led to me alternating who got launched first. I may redo this test later but with a second person.