[Hasbro]  Doomscizor D3 Combo

Hi, can somebody help me make up a combo for Doomscizor D3 in hasbro only format? I can't access the Build Me A Combo page for some unknown reason.
Don't, it's a very bad layer. What other layers do you have?
(Jan. 04, 2020  2:37 AM)Dark Blader 666 Wrote: I only have Doomscizor D3.
How so? Did you lose all of your other pieces?
(Jan. 04, 2020  7:55 AM)Dark Blader 666 Wrote: they broke.

i have 2 vortex hunter

Do you have any other parts?
I also have bump. Look, I'll try to get the other parts you need for the combo, but just tell me what the combo is.
If you are going to get another parts anyway I think you also should just get a better layer too.
Sorry, but D3 is really bad.