Haha, I'm new and you aren't.

Hey everybody I'm Duke. I am way more knowledgeable in Beyblade than all of the members in this organization. Tongue_out_wink
LOL I wouldn't say things like that on here if I were you...

Welcome to the WBO!

Remember, people here know more about Beyblade than what you are claiming you know.

But haha, read the rules and have fun.
Welcome to the WBO! Make sure to read the rules, and the first PM Kai-V sent you.

Most of our Veteran members have really good attitudes, and have to prove themselves. You don't seem to have/done either of those, "haha".

Hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to the *Beautiful* WBO Duke I m The Methods X Good Luck
I assume you strive to be an Advanced Member one day?

Welcome to the WBO!
prove your self man. any way welcome im diablo crown
Welcome to the WORLD BEY ORGANIZATION.................
Man, you think that you are very knowledgeable about Beyblade ! XD.
This Thread is interesting.
BTW, Welcome to WBO !
I think he's just being humorous guys, no need to be passive aggressive. And if he's not joking, then.. that's awkward.