HMS Random booster act 2

I just recently received parts from it, but not 100% sure which parts are from which beyblade. I've looked at the parts list thread and it seems i have Einstein's AR and bit part, also Death Gargoyle's RC, but i'm not sure about the yellow WD?

Also how do you rate these parts? Are they worth using?

btw i was looking for Dark Gargoyle's red parts, especially the AR, a bit dissapointed. I might buy another booster2, since theINtoy still sell beyblades.
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The yellow WD is the CWD Defense Ring, one of Sea Dragon's WDs. The AR isn't so great, but the other two parts are awesome.
Yeah you got a pretty nice selection there.

That WD and RC are infinitely useful in customization, and while Einstein's AR isn't quite as versatile, it has some nasty smash attack.

To be honest, using only the parts you got in that Random Booster you could have a pretty nice compact custom.
I want that RC!

But yeah, you're 2/3 for good parts there.
Oh awesome. Thanks all for the help! I'll probably get another one and hopefully i'll get the red parts to complete death gargoyle.

G, if i get the same RC again i'll sell it to you.
I'd be willing to trade you one of my extra red ARs for an extra red RC if you ever get one.