[HMS] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread

Samurai Upper > Circle Upper for Attack. It's better then Circle Upper for that purpose in every way possible. But yeah, I suppose Mold 2 would be your best bet if you can't afford to purchase a Samurai Changer MS yet.
I can't even find a Samurai Changer, let alone try to afford one, lol. I wasn't sure if the extra plastic on Samurai Upper's ABS Caul would interfere with the Wobbling combo's intended purpose or not, either.
Deikailo, my friend, Deikailo.
I bet you she has one.

or 20.
That doesn't solve the money issue, lol. I'm mostly collecting HMS for form right now, but since DEMS is a beautiful menagerie of form, function, and funnelcakes, I figured I'd prioritize it.

Besides, if I compete in an HMS event, it'd be purely for fun - I'd rather use what I like looking at!
IIRC Poseidon got her Fukubako Box Samurai Upper AR for $15.
That ain't too bad.
Oh I know, and I got some great deals when I asked her about pricing. It's just not really in the cards yet.
Yeah. Not too great for me when I tried to get a trade going for the full-on Samurai Changer Fukubako for way more hahaha.
Basically, my goal is: Collect DEMS until I am buried in them. Get some Sea Dragon ACT 2 CWDs. Get two Draciel MS Circle Wides. Conquer Middle-Earth.
I wish I could get a Shining God MS NIB/NIP/Mint for less than 80 USD. T_T wwqqyang will only sell hers for 120. And I don't think Dei has a Samurai Changer AR, let alone the bey, for sale. I'm going to buy her Wolborg MS and Magical Ape MS at the next tournament though.

EDIT: Lol Hazel. icwatudidthar. I can't even get the original Thunder Dragon mint/NIP from RBA1 (That's the sparking version.), and I lost my chance for a Blue Sea Dragon unless I can find whoever bought Karlxps' lot and buy some of the beys off them.
I'd been thinking about getting a Magical Ape MS AR to tinker around with Compacts in HMS, since Compact was my favorite in Plastics, but I'm not entirely sure it's a valid entity in HMS... for all the strategy present in HMS, most of them are designed around killing Bearing Core, lol.
Metal Ape + Bearing Core/Bearing Core 2 is a very valid combo in HMS.
I see a lot of people talking about what works in Tornado Balance and TBTS, but what about Tornado Attack? Isn't that the most commonly-encountered Stadium at HMS events nowadays? How do Bearing Core and Bearing Core 2 stack up in TA?
Bearing Core 2 should, but I doubt Bearing Core would.. (vs Attackers, obviously)
Tornado Attack, like we said earlier, has a pretty nice Tornado Ridge for attackers. However, it's still huge, and that makes Bearing Core dominate. If you're really afraid of attack types in TA, you can use Bearing Core 2, but the stamina will be less and you'll be in trouble if you're facing a same spin Bearing Core combo.
Yes, I was more than aware of TA being the most ludicrously attack-enhancing Stadium to ever exist - that is why I did not ask about Attackers in it, lol.

I keep forgetting that every Beyblade is both spins in HMS - it's really neat! But, I'm not sure what implications result from it with certain ARs. Is it a game of "use whatever spin direction you think is opposite of the opponent", like MFB switchers, or just "use what has a better chance of working in the best scenario possible"?
Definitely the second option. HMS has so much more strategy in it, even if Bearing Core practically breaks the metagame over its knee.
So Circle Upper/Samurai Upper are Right-Spin-only, in basic effect? They look like they might have some Smash in Left-Spin, but I'm not sure...
The Upper and some Smash is in right spin, but there's more Smash and no Upper in left-spin. So yeah, in those cases against attackers either another attacker or left-spin Bearing Core 2 defense would be good. Bearing Core is risky when facing an experienced attack blader using that combo.
Everything is risky facing an experienced attack blader in any metagame.

That's kind of the point.
Well, more so in this metagame because Defense was rather undeveloped.
Yeah - Defense being so undeveloped in HMS is actually what originally repelled me from it, since semi-aggressive Defense was what I was into at the time. But, Survival/Stamina are becoming more appealing to me, I guess, and Metal Change Core is just the epitome of everything I want in a tip.
(Nov. 27, 2011  9:33 PM)Hazel Wrote: But, Survival/Stamina are becoming more appealing to me, I guess, and Metal Change Core is just the epitome of everything I want in a tip.
You disappoint me, my son.

How can you even look at a Stamina oriented bey after witnessing Grip Flat Core Ultimate Mode?

You're really sick, pal. Wut!?

I ain't paying no car payment for a tip I won't even use more than like once.
hey can someone ranks these beys from 1-10 on how good they are? and also include if it has any decent parts?
wolborg ms:
dragoon ms:
dragoon msuv:
jiraya ms:
bloody devil:
dark leopard:
samurai changer:

thanks if you can!!!!!
Im curious about DranzerMS AR. I mean, if you look on the side, it seems to have some decent attack. But then again, my memory is kind of faded when it comes to HMS because it was produced for a short time =/