[HMS] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread

(Nov. 06, 2011  11:34 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: I don't think slash riger's AR gets enough credit. I think it's just as good as samurai changer's and DEMS' for attack.

I think does have alot of credit, nobody who has decent HMS knowledge will really deny it hasn't got crazy attack power; personally i prefer it over Samurai Changer from what ive saw.
I've always like Slash Riger's AR. The smash produced is awesome, and that's what it was meant to do. Samurai and Circle Upper are good upper attack AR's, but Slash Upper was my top pick for smash attack when it was needed with upper. The only problem was that Upper Attack is more common than Smash during the HMS era when Bearing Core and Bearing Core 2 ruled the stadium, so Riger was overlooked.

Speaking of Slash Riger MS, I've also always liked CWD Free Crusher when combined with Battle Change Core, the smash is stupidly high.
I was always under the impression that Upper was absolute king in HMS, and that Smash was seldom-used for some reason.

However, I cannot deny that Slash Riger sure is one fancy lookin' dame.
Slash Riger was used when you wanted versatile attack, since it provided a lot of smash along with it's decent slopes. But yes, Upper was the king attack type in HMS. However, when I used to make combos (Note: this was with my cousins in India. I don't have many HMS anymore), I chose Slash Upper when I wanted smash with a good chance of still winning.

Smash was seldom used because these 2 parts decided to troll it to no end: http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/index.php/...aring_Core in non-Tornado Balance Type S stadiums that were legal for WBO play
It is, just im sure that:
Upper>Smash when VS defence
Smash > Upper when VS Survival.
This is thanks to bearing core 2 but let me get this through. Defence wasn't viable back in HMS does to attack dominating with excellent AR and RCs. So when the majority are using stamina (because even though attack was fairly dominate, the parts now are hard to find) smash is a better strategey than upper since its more likely to get KOs.
Hence why I mentioned Bearing Core only in non-Tornado Balance Type S stadiums. Though Smash had a better chance than Upper there, both were completely shut down by Bearing Core in Tornado Attack and Tornado Balance. In Balance Type S, Upper became viable, but smash stayed back since Bearing Core 2 came along.
Still need to research all the staduim stuff, some of this is based on memories, im getting alot of HMS soon though so yeah, inc a tornado balance. I already have attack but not sure how it works with HMS.
Your HMS Tornado Balance rundown.

1. Initiate battle
2. Use Wolborg MS/Bearing Core Wobbling Combo
3. ?????
4. Profit!

Should they use the Force Smashing combo with Rubber Weight Core:

1. Practice Sliding Shoot
2. Use Samurai Upper attack combo with MSUV core
3. Aim well and don't mess up
4. ??????
5. Profit!

EDIT: Changed Tornado Attack to Balance, as I'm not sure if TA's balance affects HMS battles vs. Wolborg MS to a significant degree. Any testing would be appreciated.
It's hard to say whether Upper Attack is better than Smash Attack in HMS, imo. Circle and Samurai Upper are both better Attack Rings overall than Jiraiya Blade, for example, but in terms of pure Attack, it's hard to say. There's so many variables. Like poseidon said, it's probably a better idea to use Smash Attack in TB against a Bearing Core combo. However, against a Bearing Core 2 combo, you'd probably want to use Upper Attack.

In TBTS, Upper Attack is the way to go against Bearing Core and Bearing Core 2 combos, but at the same time, if you're sure that you're going to be facing an Upper Attack type (which is pretty likely in TBTS, I would say!), Smash is a good choice. Lets say I chose Jiraiya Blade; it absolutely wrecks for Smash. It would do well enough against Bearing Core combos if your opponent was stupid enough to use one in TBTS, but it would also likely do well against Upper Attack combos. Because Upper Attack can only work properly if both Beyblades are spinning in the same spin direction, it becomes harder to use in HMS because you do not know what spin direction your opponent will choose. Smash works the same in either direction, so the uncontrollable variable/problem of your opponents spin direction selection is eliminated. You could just use Slash Upper though–as it has both Smash and Upper–but you'd be sacrificing both weight and attack range.

Ga'Hooleone, I'm not sure what you're saying about Tornado Attack is true. I don't own Tornado Attack, but as far as I know, it doesn't favour Stamina combos to the same degree that TB does; it's much more balanced.

All of this HMS talk is making me want to bust them out and start doing testing again!
From what I've heard (and remember from 5 years ago), Tornado Attack is still too large for HMS attack despite the balance of the stadium. If you don't get Wolborg MS out in the first 2-3 seconds, you're pretty much screwed, even if you're in an opposite spin direction to drain Wolborg's spin. The best chance is, like Poseidon and I had been discussing, Smash attack from ARs like Jiraiya Blade and Slash Upper (although the former is preferred).

As for the validity of my statement, we should probably get someone to test, I could probably be wrong. But I'll edit my post to say Balance, because what I had said is definitely true for TB.

All this HMS talk is making me tempted to buy good HMS when I'm not allowed to lol.
Not really, may look fairly big but its pretty perfect. Like the attack staduim staduim is far too small and really unbalance most noteably for HMS.
TA>TB>TTA For pretty much every beyblade series in my opinion.
I see your point you guys. But wouldnt testing in an MFB attack type stadium also render the tests irrelevant because it is not of the HMS era? I will test in it anyway, for I do not have a tornado balance. This time I will use whatever HMS defense combo I can make, or just use a uncustomized Wolborg MS. Regardless, slash upper is the best smash/upper attack AR available because it performs amazingly in both areas. It also is also more interesting to use because AR's like jiraiya blade and samurai/ circle upper are used way more often.
HMS is quite the same size as MFB..so it wont make much difference..seriously..MFB attack stadium is quite well with most generation of beyblades..
Plastic: Pretty terrible because of the size.
HMS: IDk i recall stuff liek Metal change core and grip flat core acting differentlly.
MFB: Im trying to get the TA unbanned for use.
Attack staduim protester !
NEver realsed the difference of circumfrence with grip flat core and grip flat core (ultimate verion) until i got mine today XD.
(Nov. 10, 2011  8:15 PM)Poseidon Wrote: NEver realsed the difference of circumfrence with grip flat core and grip flat core (ultimate verion) until i got mine today XD.

How could you have possibly known!
I was thinking about a combo I might want to play with, should I get into HMS - it's a known combo with a bit of a twist.

AR: Circle Upper(DEMS)
CWD: Free Survivor(Thunder Dragon MS)
RC: Bearing Core(Wolborg MS)

I was considering Free Survivor over Circle Wide, due to increased weight, but I'm not sure if its free-spinning nature would be a benefit or a detriment... I am not familiar enough with HMS to even guess at it, honestly.
Indeed, those parts are good. Hazel.
Shining God would go better if you used Bearing Core 2.
I'd suggest keeping circle wide or it would have and LAD, which is good for a wobbler.
(Nov. 27, 2011  3:35 PM)Poseidon Wrote: It'll work but Shining god would be better I think; still a little rusty lol.

Yeah I'm not dropping MSUV coin on a CWD.

I figured Circle Wide would probably be better, just wasn't entirely sure. The Circle Upper is Mold 2, by the way. ACT 3 DEMS.
Thats good news for its attack ability then.
Mold 1 would probably suit you more for a Bearing Core based bey.
I kind of wanted the Mold 2 more to begin with, but for wobbling it seems like it'd be better - in fact, the DEMS article even specifically states M2 is better for wobbling.
It also says "Select the first mould Circle Upper for more Survival ability, or the second mould for more Attack ability." directly under the wobbler custom. It is really up to you which you'd like more of. Tongue_out
Attack, boiiiiiiiiiii

Really, though, my other uses for this AR will be in Metal Change Core customs, so I'd rather it be able to attack well.