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I know someone who did actually get one of those TT Hongli ripcords, which ended up breaking. xD

Thanks so much again for the info, you never disappoint when it comes to things like this. Smile

I also do have a Draciel MS, and I'll be looking out for Eterner, Averazer, Samurai Changer, and Sea Dragons.
(Jan. 21, 2013  7:57 AM)th!nk Wrote: boop

@ th!nk: Excuse me, but I think that you also forgot to mention Aero Knight MS, too. It too does not have an article on the Beywiki. No offense.
How much are these worth?
Samurai Changer MS
Advance Striker
Advance Guardian
Aero Knight MS
Jiraiya MS
Round Shell MS
Einstein MS
It's kinda a hard question to answer even with my apparent role of price giver. None of them really come around anymore so there's no common prices.
Hm, I can at least say Jiraiya should be around 30-40 USD with Round Shell reaching the upper echelons of that range. Einstein would probably fetch a similar price to Round Shell.

Aero Knight is rather rare, along with Samurai Changer MS. Striker I've seen go for a bit more than the other Advance series, around 50 was the absolute highest. Guardian is worth a bit less, and not really worth the purchase unless you have money to burn.
It would have been worth a whole lot more complete since it looks to be in wonderful condition, however, you could expect 15 USD or so for it.

The parts themselves aren't very useful, and since you're missing the best part that completes the bey (AR) you won't get too much for it.
Could you build me a combo my blades are Draciel hms driger hms dranzer hms and dragoon ms
Not too much you can do, though the Dragoon MS is always a nice thing to see. Try for:
AR: Spiral Upper (DZMS)/Slash Upper (Driger MS)
WD: Circle Wide from Draciel MS specifically since if it's Takara it has the 15g Circle Wide), otherwise Circle Heavy
RC: Grip Flat Core (DGMS)

You could also attempt to make a failed Force Smash Combo with Slash Upper and Manual Change Core, but that would work much, much worse than the combo I am giving you.
(Jan. 23, 2013  4:25 AM)Tech Wrote: How much are these worth?
Samurai Changer MS
Advance Striker
Advance Guardian
Aero Knight MS
Jiraiya MS
Round Shell MS
Einstein MS

Are we talking NIB? I can give you ranges, not a pinpoint price as there's always variation in prices:

Samurai Changer MS: $60-100 (Usually in the higher levels, there were a lot on eBay that were around $60 I think but ever since they ran out NIB SCMS are very rare)
Advance Striker: $40-50
Advance Guardian: $20-30
Aero Knight MS: $70-80
Jiraiya MS: $30-40
Round Shell MS: $40
Einstein: $30-40, the recolours tend to go for the higher range of that, especially blue

These are just the common prices, you can always get good deals somewhere but it's hard with HMS cos they're harder to find than other beyblades

Thanks, Zain and others. That's what I was looking for ^^^^
How much is the original green Wyvern DJ worth?
Actually, the original was a black Wyvern DJ iirc.

Green was the RBA1 secret bey, and would go for around 40 USD to 50 USD I'd say.
Oh really? I swear I see more of the black than the green ...

Anyways, how much would the Einstein MS AR, CWD Defense Ring, and Grip Flat Core (Ultimate mode) be worth if put together into one Beyblade?
Quite a bit, though it's difficult to appraise considering that you are mixing parts from several different blades. I assume you mean Fuschia Einstein and Lime Green MSUV as well?

Er, you mean more of the black than the green, yes?
Yes and yes.
Sorry for double post, but so again, how much is the thing I mentioned above worth?

Also, which would you buy out of all these?

Aero Knight MS
Death Gargoyle MS
Phantom Fox MS (Red) NIB
Phantom Fox MS
Samurai Changer MS
Wolborg MS NIB
Wyvern DJ (Green)

Also, I need a fairly quick answer for both of these, thank you. Smile
ginga Look at this.....http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Competitive-Heavy-Metal-System-Combos

It would answer alot of your question. How ever JMS is a great start so as WMS
i am talking about competitiveness and rarity.
Oh you didn't state thay anyway
Um, no offense, but I really need the answer to my question above. Thanks.
Wolborg MS. Second would be either Death Gargoyle or Samurai Changer (Samurai Changer is the rarer of the two but DEMS is more competitive).
Hmm, OK. I just want to tell you that I am not just thinking competitive, by the way ...

But thanks for your help.
Where can I buy HMS beyblades in HongKong because I am going there in vacation?
Plastics aren't really in stores anymore. You can pretty much get them online only. Just because it's Asia doesn't mean it sells everything, hah.