[HMS] Grip Deltas

Grip Delta

BP: Slash Riger
AR: Wolborg MS
WD: Circle Wide
RC: Grip Flat

Concept: Fast moving attacker with upper attack. I noticed Wolf Crusher's points on the metal frame are a bit smaller than Slash Riger's. This led me to use this AR because I read that having a smaller point of contact brings more damage into a single area, rather than spreading it a bit out. Correct me if I am wrong.

Variations: WD for Circle Heavy, RC for Metal Change?

Grip Delta Delta

BP: Slash Riger
AR: Einstein MS
WD: Circle Wide
RC: Grip Flat

Concept: Small, fast moving attacker with smash attack.

Variations: WD for Circle Heavy, RC for Metal Change?

Parts: (All Hasbro with exception of Slash Riger)

DJ Wyvern
Dragoon MS
Wolborg MS
Einstein MS/Hopper MS
Sea Dragon
Slash Riger
Driger MS
Dranzer MS
As per the first one ... Wolf Crusher is more for Survival purposes. I don't see it having much use in this sort of combo. I'd use Slash Upper instead.
Upper/smash ARs at this height, tend to perform mostly upper, so there won't be much smash attack potencial from Wolf Crusher in there. You should stick with either upper or smash and not try to have both. For upper the choice is obvious.

For the second combo, you're better off sticking with a pure smash AR for that one, in your case Seagon Attacker (I'd pair this up with a heavier WD though). If you want to use other ARs like Slash Rigers, go with a taller RC, such as Dranzer MS in attack mode.
I prefer Einstein's AR for the Circle Heavy/Metal Change compact combo, whose smash ability is nice.
The second one is one of my personal favourites for some reason.
I've used the second combo quite a bit as well and I must say I quite like it.

But then I do prefer quick attackers in my strategies.

The only real advice I could give you on the second combo is to maybe experiment with Wyvern DJ's RC (I can't remember the name, sorry. :\) instead for a bit more endurance and higher spin rate. I suppose this would ruin your attack idea, but it may pay off in the long run when the blade starts to wobble. There's potential for some force smash there. I wanted to recommend Adv. Striker's RC, but you don't have it. I think it would be a perfect fit. It's compact and has a flat tip that will still give you aggressive attack patterns, yet has more endurance than Grip Flat offers should your all-out attack strategy fail.
Wybern DJ's RC is Metal Sharp Core.
Tamer Brad Wrote:Wybern DJ's RC is Metal Sharp Core.

kthnx <3
Hmm I liked Metal Sharp core for a few days, then the novelty wore off. Force Smash and wobble never really worked out for me, it always seemed too risky.