HMS Dragoon Ms ( NIB) For sale

Hey guys i am selling my  bey dragoon ms nib 
 Payment via pay pal  
Shipping free 
 Dragoon ms - 150$ 
Pm me if intrested 
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Images removed, Seller went silent after taking someone's money.
(Oct. 22, 2019  8:15 PM)MTH Wrote: Fraud seller!!! Paid him $150 and he stopped responding!!

If you paid for it as an goods then claim a refund through PayPal. They should be able to sort you out. Btw the pricing like this usually are suspicious when the general price is higher.
I'm locking this thread. The seller in question has not addressed their buyer's concerns, and hasn't been back to the WBO forums since getting the money. It's unfortunate but there's very little we can do on WBO to resolve your purchase. I've had okay luck with using purchase threads, but it varies, and scammers do exist.

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I hope you successfully got the Paypal refund if you did not receive the purchased goods.

If the transaction eventually went through successfully, the seller AND BUYER can PM me and ask me to reopen the thread.