HMS Combo

I got 6 new HMS beyblades today so I wanna know if this is any good. Advance Averager AR
Circle Balance
I have 2 thunder searpents, DEMS, Sea Drake, Advance Averager, Advance Guardian, Hopper Attacker, draciel ms, and Wyvern DJ ( AR only)
Over and over I tell you this ...

DEMS with Sea Drake's WD is the best combo you can make by far.
i kno but i can still try others combos. and my bro needs a combo to use against me.
If you really need another combo,

AR: DJ Spiker
WD: Circle Heavy
RC: Metal Semi-Flat Core

The one Brad suggested is much better though.
which blade has metal semi-flat?
Pichuscute Wrote:which blade has metal semi-flat?

Look through all your Beyblades, see which one has a metal tip. Then, see if it is semi-flat.
i checked the wiki and it was advance averager. but thx