sorry i don't have the exact name for these parts. I'm not very good at remembering them all. ok here is my HMS combo

AR:Hopper MS
WD: Wolborg MS
RC:Hopper MS

no concept, i just found some HMS part and tried to see what i could do.
This is terrible lol

Can you post a list of what parts you have?
the parts listed and a wolborg MS AR
hopper and wolborg BB


ill try to remember what they are as i have all random parts and maybe one full set.
metal driger
Driger G
Gigars( i think O_O)
dragoon G
Dragoon S
Dragoon V
wyborg (i think)
Master dragoon
Dranzer G
Wolborg 2
flame Pegasus

Support parts for AR(you like defense ring):
strata dragoon G (think it's was originally called gaia)

megna core(think it be called a eight balance)(x2)
10 balance
6 balance
10 heavy

Dranzer GT
Dragoon G
Driger G
Metal driger
flame Pegasus
gaia dragoon(strata dragoon)G

there all G series
semi flat or flat

sorry if that dosen't help..
For HMS, uncustomized Wolborg MS is probably the best thing you have.
(Oct. 13, 2009  10:29 PM)Hyuuga Neji Wrote: For HMS, uncustomized Wolborg MS is probably the best thing you have.

i don't have the RC
How do you have such random parts
You have some good beyblades; Wolborg 2, Dragoon S... you just don't have the most important parts from them Confused
Ya well i DID have a box downstairs full of parts and a few stadiums, but one day my father was cleaning the basement and decided to throw said box out. I can probably find some more parts if i do some digging.
(Oct. 16, 2009  1:04 AM)Corey Wrote: How do you have such random parts

i started out with a random customized blade and one parts from friends to get parts and i have random parts now so thats what he could have done