[Guide]  What to buy to be successful in Standard

Unlike in previous iterations of this thread, I thought listing the barebones necessary parts was the way to go.


BB-10 (Attack Type Beystadium)- This is the stadium the entire format is founded on and essential for both play and testing.


Launcher Grip- Not 100% necessary, but many bladers find it helpful for launch performance.

Beylauncher L/R- Preferred for its increased power over ripcord launchers and its increased versatility over its separate right and left versions.

BB-84/85 Metal Face Remodeling Ver.: These customizable Metal Faces offer four different modes of weight distribution. Each set comes with two Faces made of four different parts: a Metal Core, a Plastic Core, a Metal Plate, and a Plastic Plate. Being versatile, you can create the type which best enhances your combo, such as MF-H for Defense and Attack.

BBG-14/15 Metal Stone Face Flame Red/Ocean Blue: Exactly like the BB-84/86 Metal face Remodeling Ver. but for zero-g beyblades, offers a variety of different creations by combining the Plastic and Metal Plate together.

Single Beyblades:

BB-126 Starter Flash Sagittario 230WD: Even with Zero-G's possibility to create very heavy Metal Wheels, Flash remains a definite top-tier part for Attack, and that is this Beyblade's main reason to be bought. 230 and WD are notable as Stamina parts which are commonly used.

BBG-09 (Random Booster) Thief Phoenic E230GCF:  E230 represents a top-tier option for Defense combos. GCF's geared diametre makes it a viable tip for Tornado Stalling like CF.

BBG-23 - (Random Booster) Bandid Genbull F230TB: Bandid Genbull's Chrome Wheel is balanced and presents great use in Stamina. TB is versatile throughout Balance and Stamina  combinations and F230 has come to be a dominant part due to its free-spinning capabilities (this is one of the rare situations where Hasbro's part is notably inferior).

BBG-16 Starter Dark Knight Dragooon: As the only Chrome Wheel that can spin in the left direction and that can however be paired with any right-spin Chrome Wheel too, it finds top-tier use mainly in Attack and Spin-Stealing combos. LW160 also has relatively equal Stamina to W145, and BSF has potential in Balance customs.

BB-99 Hell Kerbecs BD145DS- Despite the passage of time BD145 remains a staple part in MFB, appearing in more and more categories across the top tier list (recent example: Balro Balro BD145 MF)

BB-100 Killer Beafowl UW145EWD- Other than EWD this beyblade is outclassed, but because of the stamina and spin-stealing heavy meta that exists in this format, EWD is practically a mandatory part (loose, but not as good supplements= W2D, WD)

BB-119 Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF: Being affordable, and an easy way to acquire two Defensive parts, this is a definite purchase. Death, despite it being outclassed provides great Defense because of its low recoil, and RDF is essentially a top-tier Defense/Spin-Equalizing bottom in today's meta.

Useful Hasbro Releases To Possibly Obtain Parts More Cheaply
Thief Zirago WA130HF- value=zirago
Archer Gargole SA165WSF- value=SA165
Bandit Genbu F230TB- value= cheap genbull and tb, (f230=no good in most cases)


BB-121 Beyblade Ultimate DX Set: Since its release, Duo has always been an excellent 4D Metal Wheel for Stamina, Balance, and defense. This Set is currently the only way to acquire Duo. The other parts in this Set are simply good, like MB which can be used for top-tier Balance combinations and 90WF and LRF for Attack. It also encloses a BeyLauncher LR, the most powerful launcher for all types of Beyblades, as well as a set of Metal Face Custom Ver., useful for Defense and Attack customizations.

BBG-24 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type: This set and its BBG-25 counterpart have become somewhat difficult to find, but they still contain an incredible amount of competitive parts. This one contains the extremely valuable track SA165, the attack force Balro, the jack of all trades Zirago, and the interesting WSF along with a collection of other chrome wheels and slightly outclassed parts.

BBG-25 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Stamina & Defense Type: This one contains the defensive forces of reviser, killerken, and e230 along with the offensive behemoth of wyvang (exclusive to this set) and the passable parts of AD145, 160, and Orojya.

WBBA Big Bang Pegasis Remodel Parts Set: Since this Set is small and generally inexpensive, it's an easy way to stock up Bottoms like RF, RSF and RS, which wear down quickly.
Interesting. It's got pretty much everything I'd ever think to use, actually.

Except for a couple things. I'd say we encourage players to purchase 2 of the BBG-25 if possible. The second Wyvang is extremely valuable. I'd also add an insert that encourages the purchase of Hasbro's Thief Zirago for a cheap second Girago.

Then you'd just need EWD for spin-stealing customs. I'd add Killer Beafowl to the list as well.

That would give you pretty much everything, besides various Track/Clear Wheel/Chrome Wheel setups for Attack types, but if you really want to max out your Attack arsenal it can get expensive.

I like the idea of doing one of these for each format. I'm guessing you've probably got the Limited thread already written, haha.
Good call on Killer Beafowl and Zirago. Although, I must say I'm not sure how realistic a second BBG-25 is. Limited, Zero-G and HMS are works in progress, but plastics is so chaotic it's almost impossible to do. If someone else wants to step up and do it though that would be great. Also, how do you feel about Phantom? I know you're a proponent of BGrin being top-tier, but I'm not sure how much it really adds to what is already up there. Plus, with the mold inconsistencies, ugh.
If you have SA165EWD, 230TB/MB and W145WD, I don't think Bearing Drive is a must-have TBH.

I think a second BBG-25 is super essential. Not only does it get you 2 Wyvangs (probably one of the most important Synchromes to have in Standard Format), but it also gets you a second Revizer, which every player should have if you ask me.
Not to toot my own horn, but I still have only one Wyvang and have been fairly successful without a second one. Also, I honestly hate reviser, the minuscule defensive boost it has over Genbull is an awful trade for the huge loss of stamina.
The Hasbro Air Synchrom pack is a must-buy IMO since it comes with Dragooon and SA165 in one set, and it's often easier to get than the Takara Dragooon.
Well, if you're purchasing the Ultimate DX set (Attack and Balance), you'd already have the Track, and at the moment a Dark Knight Dragooon only costs 12 bucks on Ebay, whereas the Synchrom set costs a whopping 38 dollars.
I don't think we are talking about the same set XD

I mean the Air Synchrome 2-pack, I didn't know there was a different set as searching "hasbro air synchrome" turns up only the 2-pack, which costs $16 according to Hasbro's website, but is actually even less ($14-$15) at stores near me. If you skip buying the Attack DX set and Dragooon and just get the 2-pack you save a good deal of money. A Girago/Zirago isn't that hard to get from Hasbro either; though, of course, you still miss out on a second Balro. But if you buy another Defense DX set instead of the Attack one you get two Balros, two Wyvangs, and two Revizers.
I'm not sure how inclined I am for adding two packs when the synchrome dx sets are under $30 on Amazon these days.
Is anyone opposed to locking this in as the final what to buy version for standard?
We discussed it in the Zero-G thread, but I had an idea upon viewing this thread : it is great that you list products, but what should be highlighted (colored/underlined/italicised/etc.) should be each great part you are supposed to buy. That way, sure we can list things like Guardian Revizer as a source of Revizer instead of the Set, but if it is made clear that one of the target pieces in the Set is Revizer, then people can at least remember that right and if they browse eBay and find Guardian Revizer more readily, they will buy it.

About the list, perhaps add the super-fine alternatives to the BeyStadium Attack Type (Super Control Type BeyStadium and Triple Battle Type BeyStadium). Other than that, Phantom Orion should definitely also be there, and I think even Beat Lynx TH170WD deserves it.