Geometry Wars: Galaxies (Wii/DS)

I bought this game for DS thinking that I would only play it casually, but I have been playing it like a drug.

Seriously, this game is a DS killer app. It's light enough that anyone can pick it up and have fun with it, but it has that hardcore edge to it with the online leader boards and high score obsession that comes along with the game.

Not to mention it's a crazy carp value for the price. Well, on DS anyway. You get the entire Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved game that was on Xbox Live Arcade, the entire new Geometry Wars: Galaxies game which has you traveling across various planets that feature all kinds of crazy new play modes never before seen in a Geometry Wars game. Finally, there's DS multi and single card multiplayer. I haven't been able to test this out yet, but I'm sure it's just as addicting if not more so than the main game.

If you ever had any interest at all in Geometry Wars, buy this game. The Wii version I've heard isn't as good as the DS as the Wii controls for the game suck, but I can't confirm this as I've never played the Wii version. But I can say that at $10 cheaper when it's the exact same game with added multiplayer and not as good graphics, the DS version is a much better deal.

Anyone else have the game or plan on getting it?
wish i'd gotten this instead of PH

Anyway, I got a new high score on Retro Evolved today.

602,075. Ranked like number 502 or something on the worldwide leader boards.

Did you not read my post?

I'd like to think one would be able to infer it was good from my original posting.
I played it on Xbox live arcade it is very fun and if you play it once you want to play it again and again and again.