[Future development] Controllable Flying Beyblade??

Freaking amazing ideas, guys. I was thinking a way to 3D print custom, LEGAL beys, approved by the WBO or WBBA or something. I wish the WBBA and WBO were affiliated...
I really don't think magnetic repulsion for a controllable flying beyblade is possible, plus being able to control your bey kinda takes away how you play the game. The point isn't to maneuver it, but to let it spin on its own, and understand the way your bey will move.
(Oct. 16, 2018  7:47 AM)GOD CHIPS Wrote:
(Oct. 15, 2018  9:47 PM)JavariTheChamp Wrote: That won’t happen In burst tbh

The only thing which went Close to flying is Maximum Banana ( Garuda )

Considering this is not actually Beyblade discussion but more so bouncing ideas around for an imaginary future series, I will move this topic to the Your Creations forum for now. If someday this vision is realized, it can be moved back to the Beyblade General forum, lol.