Fun Combos thread!

Illegal Beyblade configurations are not to be discussed publicly on the WBO.
i like using a hell horuseus w105 cs in battles it spins so fast that one hit could mean a win or a loss in the beginning
I LOVE using Fury Byxis CH120HF The Silver Fury goes good with the yellow Byxis clear wheel and CH120, And the yellow parts go good with the black Byxis face bolt and HF, you might think it sucks but in CH120 I even made a special move called "Needle Barrage" because it keeps doing small hits mix in with strong ones that push back the opponent bey and my other special move is "Track Change" Joyful_2" Tetsuyas move .
MF-H Poison Eagle R145 MS. It's the closest LEGAL thing to Venom Eagle form my story bob the bey breaker.
it has some good attack, defence, and stamina powers too. it's not too heavy so it can get launched pretty fast, and it's not so light thaat it stopps too fast. plus, if you use an (insert facebolt here) (insert NOT meteo here) L-Drago 85 (insert preformance tip here) it works great as a spin equilizer.
It like Basalt Aquario 100CF because I like how it look and how the way it looks when battling
Counter Gemios 230 S is a fummy bey. It like.. flies away from the stadium from the slightest touch
And Flame Leone 145 Q. It wobbles and stuff~
Torch Eagle W105BS it is tossed easily around the stadium.
HadesPicesW104EWD is as fast as an attack type if your EWD is slightly worn.
I like using Grand Unicorno 145RS

Completely useless
l Drago guardian th170rf/lw160cf
U guys have said before about having a 'real' defense bey, and MF Diablo Unicorno II 100 RSF does just that. Even Vari and blitz can't penetrate it!(I did a point-blank sliding shoot with both) . Instead , even the toughest attackers get knocked out by the recoil. I did versus one guy who had a literally bullet train fast MF Flash Sagittario II 90? RF, and he clashed head first into diablo. Guess what happened? Diablo DID get knocked out once or twice, but it's godliness makes up for everything. BTW, RS does not work better, though RB might.
MF-H Diablo/Basalt____ M145 FB. Try to battle it, one critical hit from you and it will run berserk.
Fury Pegasis 145 BS. Epic destablizing and jumping from low attackers! Smile
MSF-H Killerken Goreim H145 R2F. Your opponent will die hard.

MSF-H Killerken Goreim M145 R2F. Your opponent will die harder.
Galaxy Gemios BGrin because it's so light and can knocked out very,very easily
MSF Ifraid Gryph 160CF becuase it can do well in the Zero-G Stadium
Forbidden ______ A230ES.

.. Fun with recoil.
I am also a big fan of using-

MF-H Jade Cancer A230 R2F.

Hasbro Jade.
Since I Like Using M145Q, A Fun Combo I Love Is Diablo Nemesis M145Q Smile
Is there a reason why mf grand aquario 145wd has almost 1/2 the spin time as one without a metal face?

Anyways, I like using MF-H Basalt Horogium BD145PD


And for the useful part, I like to use Earth Lacerta WA130DS... scraping is not at all a problem Smile

By that I mean almost no stamina goes from scraping
Hmm.......I made This Thunder Striker 90RSF.It's.....interresting
Midnight Lynx 85RF:
I've been actually be able to KO newer Stamina beys with this (stock ones). Kinda surprising considering how light Midnight is.