Favorite song from a TV show (please explain)

What’s your favorite song from a TV show
Mine is ‘horizon’ from the “legends of chima”
Reason: it perfectly fits the growing tension between the two characters. I’m not gonna explain everything that happened because it’s a pretty long show (ok maybe not) and I don’t have enough time to explain everything. So basically one character has the idea to steal something powerful and his friend just goes along with it. The punishment of doing so ended up with the characters parents dying in a fight and the climax of season one rising as the two characters become rivals. A few episodes later the other character finds himself in trouble and ends up in exile and that is when the song is first used.
What are your favorite songs from TV shows!
When there's trouble you know who to call... TEEN TITANS! Idk this song just stuck with me. And it was a good show! The visuals kinda looked like a comic book and the theme was just catchy.