Fav beyblade and why

(May. 24, 2022  3:02 PM)micksterfist Wrote: What is your favorite bey and why?
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Probably something in the Valkyrie line. I think either Ultimate or Winning.
(Oct. 14, 2022  4:40 PM)iMysticShift Wrote: unpopular opinion here:

ONE of my favorites would have to be Earth Virgo. A well-disciplined bey and blader. The history of Teru is heartbreaking but fit for his character. His style of clothing is definitely a plus in my eyes; if I could get a red and gold jacket like that, I most definitely would. I do appreciate his character music as well. His bey spins perfectly and shines off its discipline and spirit. It’s face piece is not a bad logo either..

I totally agree. Teru is such a relatable character. His story is great. He used to be a skilled ballet dancer. Then suddenly he injured himself badly, so that he couldn't dance anymore although it was his passion that he loved doing the most. After he got gifted a Bey (Earth Virgo) by a friend of his he decided to start blading and Gingka became his idol. Such a lovely character.
I like hades kerbecs as he has a nice heavy weight making him hard to knock out
All the Achilles beys, my starter when i first started beyblade was Turbo Achilles and every sense then I've had a soft spot for Aiga and Achillies
Helios for its awesome gimmicks and being blue and a balance type. As soon as it came out, it’s always been one of my favorites.
Helios or Spriggan are my faves, mainly because I love Hikaru and Shu
Ok I got a new favorite bey and it's not mfb it's psychic phantom. The bey is just gorgeous and so cool and the metallic stickers make it even more cooler. Getting a recolor of it can be a pain but I actually got myself a red one
Probably Fafnir because of how its portrayed in the anime and Drain Fafnir was the first bey I ever got. If you were to ask me what my favorite Fafnir is I'd probably go with Wizard Fafnir because of the name, it's from my favorite beyblade series, and the design.
My personal favorite would likely go to Dead Hades, great attack power, I love the color scheme, it's overall just a funny little bey although it can suffer from bursting issues.
My Favorite is Earth Eagle / Flame Libra
Barricade Lucfer for Lean Walhalla and its power, Illegal is my favorite Metal Disk.  :D
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