[Fan Fiction]  Beyblade burst blazing redo 14+

This is a story of beyblade burst so far but changed a bit. I included my self in the story I'm SHUN Kurenai the long lost brother of shu Kurenai. I won't. Spoil too much. Some characters are not included. 
This has violent actions and abuse

 Chapter 1:valt vs free 
 *both beys burst*
 Judge:it's a draw
 Free:valt you gotten stronger but I'm still going to win.
Valt:me and valkryie grew more then ever and I believe I will win.
*valkryie and fafnir are both launched*
*both beys hit each other at full strength*
Valt:let's end this valkyrie
Valkyrie slams into fafnir then a big flash of light covers the whole stadium.
After the light stop valkryie was in the air then it happened valkyrie broke in half.
Chapter 2:maiden of destruction 
Coming soon
I finished chapters 2 and 3 and working on chapter 4 my idea is to make it like jojo bizarre adventure split my story in many parts. Any time at random I'm going to write the letters of my bey

Today's letter is d
Tommrrow letters are e and a
Update I can't post my real copy of my fan fic so I got to make it kid friendly because there some violet scenes and bad words so I got to make more kid friendly and I'm maybe thinking about stopping writing this fan fic

Update I think my ideas will be stolen from me so I'm changing my name of my bey to ice dragon instead of my real bey in the real fan fic/manga and also I have the real copy it has my real ideas if your wondering I have it almost done 6 chapters left till I finish this part
Update Im going to stop posting about this fanfic until its done also I decided to quit writing fanfic on this thread.