[Fan Fiction]  Beyblade Burst Hyperspeed

Episode 1 in progress.

(Oct. 14, 2020  10:40 PM)TheGolden Blade Wrote: Episode 1 in progress.

Featuring characters:
Valt Aoi
Shu Kurenai
Aiga Akaba
Free De La Hoya
Lui Shirosagi
Drum koryu
Gwyn Ronny
Delta Akane
Xander Shakadera
Sisco Karslile
Zac Kaneguro
Wakiya Murasaki
Daigo Kurogami
Rantaro Kiyama
Hyuga and Hikaru
Kage (Antagonist)
Leon (Protagonist)
Ranjiro Kiyama

I wanna make this perfect so I included a lot of characters.

Episode 1: Meeting the legend! Valt Aoi!
School Bell rings*
Leon: Yess! Now I can finally go meet Valt in his match! I'm so excited!
Teacher: Leon! Don't forget, you have homework. Eversince you started liking beyblade, you never do your homework.
Leon: I'll keep that in mind!
Leon arrives in arena*
Hanami: Ok! Boys and Girls! Today, we have a special match between Valt Aoi! And a team of bladers from the C club for a rank up match!
Leon: They don't stand a chance against Valt!
Hanami: And now, let's meet the bladers challenging Valt!
Crowd cheers*
Hanami: There they are! And now... The legend VALT AOI!!!!
Crowd cheers even lourder*
Valt: Hello blading fans. Today, I will show you the true beyblade battle!
Referee: Three way battle! Ready set!
All: Three! Two! One! Go shoot!
Hanami: And they beys are out! Valkryie's speed is incredible and it's coming to attack from behind!
Valt: Ahhhhh! Valkryie! Let's go! Flash Shoot!
Boys: Go!
All three beys burst except for Valkryie*
Referee:Warrior Valkryie! Burst finish! Valt Aoi Wins!
Leon: Woah! I wanna have a Hyperspeed bey!
Leon walks out of arena*
Leon: I will create this bey. For sure, then I will challenge Valt and win.
Leon walks up to a bey maker machine*
Leon: wait... How do we make them again?
Valt comes in*
Valt: I heard you wanted to make a bey like Valkryie, so I'm here to help!
Leon: Valt!!!!!
Valt: Let's get working!
After 3 hours Leon finally makes his bey*
Leon: Yes! It's done! Beast Lion!
Valt: It's an interesting attack type!
Leon: Valt! I challenge you!
Valt: Sure, let's go!
Leon and Valt: 3! 2! 1! Go shoot!
Leon: Amazing speed.
Valt: Get them! Rush shoot!
Beys collide*
Valt: It didn't burst...
Leon: Let's go Lion!
Valt: Ahhhh! Valkryie!
Valt: Warrior.. Break!
Leon: Don't give up!
Lion bursts*
Leon: No way..
Suspense music*

Next on Beyblade burst Hyperspeed: The speedy Warrior Valkryie!

Working on episode 2!

Epsiode 2 will be uploaded tomorrow or tonight.

Episode 2 and 3 will be uploaded soon!

I am taking requests now.

Episode 2 almost done!

There will be a short delay due to personal issues. Sorry!
Pretty good!
(Oct. 15, 2020  2:31 AM)SunBlader98 Wrote: Pretty good!

Thanks dude!

Episode 2: The speedy Warrior Valkryie!
Leon: I can't believe I lost to him.
Leon: What do I do Lion?
Lion: Do you truly like blading?
Leon: Gasps*
Leon: Yes...
Lion: Then you have all you need.
Leon: Alright! Let's get to trainings! I'll invite my friends too!
Leon: Koda!!!!
Koda: What is it? Practice!
Leon nodds*
Koda: Alright! Let's battle my hyperspeed bey Lightning Kone!
Leon: You made one too!
Koda: Ofc. Now, Lte's battle!
All:3!2!1! GO SHOOT!
Koda: Goooo Kone!
Leon: You don't stand a chance against my Lion!
Leon: Lion!
Koda: Kone!
Leon: After losing to Valt, I learned true strenght.
Leon: Lion.. Shoot!
Kone bursts*
Koda: What!
Leon: Yes!
Valt: Nice job!
Koda: No way that's...
Valt: Koda let's battle.
Koda: Ok.
Leon: First battle! Ready set!
3!2!1! GO SHOOT!
Leon: Both beys touched the stadium and it looks like Valkryie has reached hyperspeed mode
Valt: Looks like this is it.
Leon: They collide and Kone bursts!
Koda: No way.. So this is the true power of a legend.
Valt: Let's meet here tomorrow! I have someone I'd like you to meet!

Next time in beyblade burst Hyperspeed: Honcho of stamina! Rantaro!

Episode 2 out!

(Oct. 15, 2020  2:31 AM)SunBlader98 Wrote: Pretty good!

Plan on making Episode 3 tomorrow.

Episode 3 coming soon.
(Oct. 15, 2020  9:27 PM)TheGolden Blade Wrote: Sorry to any delays.

No prob
Can I send you a pm with a character request?
(Oct. 15, 2020  9:29 PM)kai edits Wrote: Can I send you a pm with a character request?


working on episode 3.
Episode 3:
Leon: Mom! Make me breakfast I have to meet Valt!
Mom: Alright..
Leon eats food fast*
Mom: Manners.
Leon: Sorry!
Leon runs out the dorr*
Leon: Here I come!
Leon arrives in meeting spot*
Valt and Koda: You're kinda late here.
Leon: Woosh! Who do I meet?
Rantaro: Me!
Leon: Woah! Battle me!!
Rantaro: Alright! Warm up time!
Valt: I guess that makes me ref.
Valt: Ready! Set!
All: 3! 2! 1! Go shoot!
Rantaro: Tornado Ragnaruk! Blow them away!
Leon: Impressive! But not good enough!
Leon: Go Lion!
Leon: Lion.. Shoot!
Rantaro: Tornado Spin!
Beys collide*
Rantaro: Ragnaruk!!
Lion bursts*
Leon: No way...
Koda: My turn!
all: 3! 2! 1! GO SHOOT!
Koda: Go Kone!!
Rantaro: Looks like it's already over...
Beys collide and Kone bursts*
Koda: What!
Valt: This got me fired up!! Me next!
Rantaro: I have the chance to prove myself against Valt!
All: 3! 2! 1! GOO SHOOT!
Valt: Ahhhh! Valkryie!
Rantaro: Ragnaruk!
Rantaro: We've improved! Now! Tornado spin!
Beys collide*
Both rings out at almost same time*
Leon: It was a close call but.. Tornado Ragnaruk! Over Finish.
Valt: It isn't over yet...
Suspense music*

Next on Beyblade burst Hyperspeed: Valt vs Rantaro!