[Fan Fiction]  Beyblade Burst : All star

Beyblade Burst all star 

Main characters:

Aoi valt(protagonist), kurenai Shu, Leonardo jean(antagonist)

Characters :

Daina, Delta, Drum, Phi, Hearts, Hyuga, Hikaru, Lane, Wakiya, Kensuke, Xhaka, Sisco, Free, Rantaro, Aiga, Fubuki, Xhan, Ranjiro, Zack
Beys in chapter one

Saint Valkyrie.Ul' 7A - Define Spriggan.U' 7B
Flaw Leviathan.wh.Jn 7D

So i wanted to make a first chapther in manga form but do you guys wanted a manga adaptation (In google drive) or just a novel story to read please tell me and also chapter one is releasing on May 26th(novel)or June 1st(manga)
You can also put a suggestion into the story
Chapter/episode list
Ep.1 flawless bey leviathan
Ep.2 valt determination
Ep.3 mastery of Breath technique
Ep.4 Shu vs Aija
Ep.5 Ares! Conter it!
Ep.6 C'mon! valt master it
Ep.7 attack!Attack!Xcalibur!
Ep.8 Wakiya vs Shu
Ep.9 you fool?!
Ep.10 Finish it!High jump shoot!
Aiga- Warrior Achilles 12Dm’ 8B

This will need a intense story plot
(May. 24, 2020  4:17 PM)MasterKurenai Wrote: Aiga- Warrior Achilles 12Dm’ 8B

This will need a intense story plot
Okay but I think I'll need to change the disc first for achilles and thanks for the feedback
Episode 1
"完 璧なベイリヴァイアサン",
Kanpekina beirivu~aiasan
flawless bey leviathan

The Episode then end
Phew that was long so i made some major changes first leo name now is leo alexandria second in this first episode valt and shu should have evolved both bey but i decided to cut it so the episode does not fell rushed and also this takes place one year after sparking
Episode 2
Baruto kettei
Valt determination
Free still usess Mirage fafnir and shu will evolve spriggan off screen
Mastery of movement = ultra instinct in beyblade Lol