Face Contest: Design a Plastic Beyblade!

(Jul. 10, 2013  12:47 PM)beybladeindia Wrote: but should i post that images in this thread ??

Yes. You can also just post direct link/s to the images.
My Entry
I have designed it + i have made it + i have painted it ( though i am not a good painter )

Sorry by mistake i posted the different images . It happened by mistake .
That is just a fake 'beyblade' painted?

Is that even allowed ..? Highly doubt it.
The contest is to draw a beyblade.
(Jul. 10, 2013  1:09 PM)Cannon Wrote: That is just a fake 'beyblade' painted?

Is that even allowed ..? Highly doubt it.

That was not my entry . By mistake i posted other images .
Nice job India!
Its a bit quite hard to draw in MS-PAINT Also .
It wont let me post pictures.ill send a link to the pic
Mine is still in mind process. There's more time for us (for those who will be joining this contest). Good luck. Let's do our very best. Smile
Do you mean like THIS?
Oh jenny the robot? Nice job.
Very unique and fun idea, right in the childhood lol.
(Jul. 13, 2013  11:03 PM)Fonypan Wrote: Do you mean like THIS?

The AR is very cute hahah.
After literally hours upon hours of designing and modeling over the last ten days, I have finally finished my design! I 3D modeled the whole thing in Wings 3D, with all of the parts exactly matching scale (like, down to millimeters) of actual plastic gen parts. I'm really excited for how it came out!

There are bigger pictures of each part in the spoilers!

[Image: FINAL1.png]

This is Allocator, my WALL-E inspired plastic generation Beyblade! All of the parts are either thematically in line with WALL-E or utilize parts of his design directly. It is a defense type Beyblade, and the plastic is a dark, rust-like color. The parts that are other colors are stickers. Now let's go over each part in detail!

Larger Pictures (Click to View)

[Image: FINAL2.png]

The bit beast is straightforward, being a render of WALL-E himself!

[Image: FINAL3%20-%20Copy.png]

The attack ring depicts four small WALL-Es with fire extinguishers flying around the perimeter of the ring! I used the pixelated WALL-E from the movie's credits as the reference for the design of the WALL-Es. The WALL-Es are supposed to be the "heads" that are commonly found on the front of the protrusions on plastic generation Beyblades. The wings formed by the extinguishers' exhaust are large, and feature three small bumps on the sides like commonly found on ARs such as Kid Draciel. The four blades overlap each other to a good degree, creating a design that is largely uninterrupted for defensive purposes. The wings create a somewhat square-ish design as well, which is thematically appropriate to both the cubic WALL-E and the design of the rest of the Beyblade.

Larger Pictures (Click to View)

[Image: FINAL5.png]

This being a WALL-E Beyblade, nothing other than a square WD would have done the Beyblade justice; so, I created Square Attack, which is based on Star Attack, Heavy Attack, and Revolver Attack! The weight disk features the four circular bumps on the corners just like the rest of the "Attack" series, and the sides are slightly rounded like those on Star Attack.

I also added some minor detailing on the sides, adorning the weight disk with stripes like those found on WALL-E's arm. These stripes are purely decorative, seeing as they would likely not come in contact with an opposing Beyblade due to the pronounced corners.

This weight disk would be about as heavy as Star Attack. Even though Square Attack is largely an offensive piece and this is a defense-type Beyblade, this weight disk provides great weight distribution to the Beyblade as a whole, and it is somewhat hidden by the large Attack Ring.

Larger Pictures (Click to View)

[Image: FINAL4%20-%20Copy.png]

The base has a bunch of subtle WALL-E references and includes a gimmick! The base is mostly square like the rest of the Beyblade. It accepts any standard type of spin gear, and it comes with a regular SG Right. On the top portion of the base, there are black designs on the sides where there are no clips; those are the tread marks WALL-E leaves behind! On the bottom of the base, there is a gear shape that is exactly based on the gears on WALL-E's treads. Sticking out of that gear design is the yellow rubber-ball-esque tip, which (like RB in the MFB generation) gives Grip Compactor a large degree of defense.

The really fun part of this base is the gimmick, based on WALL-E's habit of compacting things: if you turn the gear on the bottom, you can slide the bottom half of the track up and down! It locks into two heights, one where the bottom half is flush against the top half and one where the base is much taller. It provides the same degree of flexibility as CH120 and TH170 in the MFB gen. Do note that the bottom half is much wider than most height-changing parts on purpose; I had to make it that wide so that it would fit around the spin gear while it is retracted.

The base is a little smaller than Draciel F's base in radius, and it's a little shorter than that base when the bottom half is extended (and much shorter when it's retracted of course).

Larger Pictures (Click to View)

Goofy Combo Using Parts

One fun thing one could do with these parts is create a Weight Disk Attacker with a height-change gimmick:

AR: Cross Dragon
WD: Square Attack
SG: SG Right
BB: Grip Compactor

The corners on Square Attack reach over the beveled corners of Grip Compactor perfectly, and Cross Dragon would stay out of the way of Square Attack perfectly. While it is meant for defense, the base can be somewhat aggro due to the nature of the RB-esque tip, and the height-change gimmick would allow the blader to align the WD up with the opposing Beyblade quite well. Like all WD Attack customs, this would be more a fun casual custom rather than a competitive one.

Progress Shots

These are some screenshots I took while I was making the Beyblade, and some of them show the ideas I was toying with before I settled on this design.

Larger Pictures (Click to View)

I am so, so happy to have finally gotten this done (even though it was a ton of fun to make)! I've literally spent HOURS (maybe even days lol) on this, and I'm thrilled to have it complete. I hope you all like it!! Grin
Oh My God...

That is just...


I really like it Ingulit! I think it deserves 1st place, I LOVE it!
Ingulit, Before your post I was like this now I'm like this
Ingulit I love the way you used the fire extinguishers with Wall-E! That's awesome! I think I will give 3D modeling a go. I did okay in the engineering class at my school (The most difficult think I made was a peg board, haha). Is the program you used free? If so, where could I download it?
It's totally free and really easy to use! I've been using it since 8th grade (so, like, 9-ish years), and I've even taught some classes on it. It's Wings 3D:


I'd highly recommend version 1.3.1 rather than the current 1.4.1 since they removed a bunch of stuff on accident in 1.4 and it looks like it's not getting an update any time soon Unhappy Here's a link to that download:


The basics of the program are simple: left click selects things, right click gives you a menu of things you can do to your selection, and middle click moves the camera. You can also make anything and everything a hotkey, which is INCREDIBLE once you're used to the program. If you have any questions on using it I'd be happy to help! Grin

Man, I just about thought that I was for sure gonna win because of my amazing drawing skills, and then BAM! that happened, blew mine way off the charts ;[. I dont think I'm gonna compete.
Just kidding! I'm still gonna try, heh heh...
My Entree. Hope you like
[Image: oro1.jpg]
[Image: oro2.jpg]
[Image: oro3.jpg]
Designed in Blender
Rendered in Swift 3D
Nice!! Did u hand draw that bit beast?
Reminds me of Zinrai and Hayate. Very nice entry!
I'm still working on mine, so I'll post it in a few days(?)
Forgot to post my effort
[Image: oro4.jpg]
Bitbeast is hand drawn and colored in Photoshop.
Ignulit and Username2130 you are my favorite entries so far! Everybody else keep up the good work!

Username 2310 is that bey an Orochi? I saw it said Orochi on the plastic part ( not knowledgeable about plastics).