Face Contest: Design a Metal Fight Beyblade … again! WINNERS!!

(Nov. 05, 2010  4:46 AM)Minion Wrote: I'm sorry guys! T_T The forums move too fast and I end up putting off checking them until it's just a big mess. I would probably have missed this entirely if scott hadn't hit me up on msn.

I'm glad my design seemed realistic! I would really love to see a weighted track, and a decent bearing core(edit: bearing TIP, sorry, stuck on HMS nostalgia Unhappy ). The rest of the top is pretty much just for show with these new bey anyways.

I'll take a green, and an orange, as always!

Haha, you're welcome. Tongue_out_wink

You open up the dusty Face Booster and find ...

[Image: gemiosface.png]


You crack open your second, even more dusty Face Booster and find ...

[Image: quetzalcoatlface2.png]

Quetzalcoatl II! Congratulations, it's a rare!
killer! I'll wear it proud *shines her new quetz face*
Oh man....Unhappy Dj - Disappointed ... .

If only I would have put my design in. Oh well. Now I can make my design even better!!! Chief 2002 - Idea!
A Face contest for an egyptian design?

*throws computer at the wall* DAMN LAGGING! PEACE OFF carp! Tired damn thing wouldn't let me on wbo so i wasn't able to enter. nuuuuu!