Exilied but Determined

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This is an authentic story that may touch the hearts of hundreds of bladers across the world.and I was going to enter
this first chapter in a tournement but it was tragically shut down because of athority reasons .Thanks to the following online personel who helped me in a small way to make this story happen even if the story wasnt put in a tournement
these are those bladers :dark aquario 55,coach,tri ,luck, and even the host of the tournement whose name shall be preseved.

Chapter 1
sorry i got to go to church so the chapter 1 will be a hour or two late :<
ok scratch that cuz im back a hour early
Grammar Nazi, RETURNS!

Ight, so there are A LOT, of grammar mistakes. Starting off, the capitalization isn't there, at ALL, as it seems, the punctuation isn't that good either, as i see little to none of it. Also, the chapter itself is pretty small. Some spelling mistakes here and there etc.

Overall, you should use, like microsoft word to type up these stories.
sorry about that ill fix it im new to storie writing
ps it was only the prolouge