Evil Beyblades

every once in a while (or often) in a Beyblade anime, we'd see an antagonist with some evil, super-powered Beyblade.

In the original series we saw Kai Hiwatari go to Russia and acquire Black Dranzer, which was created a couple or so centuries before the events of the original series by a fictional version of Grigori Rasputin.

In V-Force, we saw the mechanical Cyber Bit-Beasts as their wielders try and steal the four Sacred Bit-Beasts for Dr. Zaggart to use to make Zeo, who wields the unbelievable Cerberus, a real boy. Plus, the Cyber Bit-Beasts were also possessing the minds of the Psykicks that used them.

In G-Revolution, we witnessed Brooklyn of BEGA's Beyblading team hold the power of the demonic Chimera-type Bit-Beast Zeus, and even getting possessed by it in battle!

In Beyblade The Movie: Fierce Battle, we witness the dark counterparts of the four Sacred Beasts escape from their prison, taking possession of four innocent children to become their hosts in a bid for total destruction of the world and vengeance on their benevolent counterparts. They kidnap Daichi, and corrupted him and his Bit-Beast Gaia Dragoon for their conquest. Tyson tried to fight them the first time but had Dragoon sealed away in the same place where they were imprisoned. After a while, Tyson managed to free Dragoon and they went on to stop the Dark Bit-Beasts and save Daichi, which they did with Ray, Max, and Kai, freeing the four children from the influence of the Dark Bit-Beasts, which were once again sealed away, and their temple prison sank into the ocean, never to be seen again...

In Beyblade Metal Fusion, we have Ryuga, leader of the Dark Nebula, in possession and under the influence of the forbidden Beyblade Lightning L-Drago, until Gingka and Pegasus defeated him and freed Ryuga.

In the MFB movie Metal Fight Beyblade VS the Sun: Sol Blaze, the Scorching-hot Invader, we see extreme weather conditions caused by the ancient ultimate-type Beyblade Sol Blaze, used by Helios, who is the latest to inherit the powerful Beyblade, as he fought Gingka and Pegasus. But, I don't know if Sol Blaze counts as an evil Bey, but then again, it has been passed down since ancient times, and is capable of causing extreme weather conditions to develop in different parts of the world at once when it battles another Beyblade. I wonder if Helios' family has had an ages-old plot to take over or destroy the world using Sol Blaze.

Plus, all through the 4D series there's the mysterious villain Black Sun and his equally mysterious and potentially powerful Beyblade Nemesis.
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Well,I guess tis is useful for all who want to know the antagonist in the Beyblade series
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Black Dranzer

Cyber Dranzer

Cyber Draciel

Cyber Driger

Cyber Dragoon

Burning Cerberus seen with Hell Kerbecs


Dark Dragoon

Dark Draciel

Dark Dranzer

Dark Driger

Dark Gaia Dragoon

Lightning L-Drago 100HF

the ancient ultimate-type Sol Blaze

Nemesis (prototype model from Ultimate Bey Ta)
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you got it!
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These are most of the evil Beyblades And I believe all the spoilers are working
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How about Wolf,Kerbecs,Capricorne (Screw),Lynx?
Think I forgot about Basalt Horogium 145WD?
This is about the main antagonist. I think you'll need to add Horogium, and Wolf as InfiniteLibra said above.
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Very well.

Beat Lynx TH170WD

Basalt Horogium/Twisted Tempo 145WD

Dark Wolf DF145FS (re-colored version)
... Is this even really needed ?
Other than maybe an archive or antagonist beys... No not really..
I think this can easily go into the random thoughts.....
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I think its a good refrence to refer to if you want to know who the bad guys are, this would be good for people are just getting into beyblade because they can know who are the bad guys. But I guess it is piontless Uncertain
We have affiliates for a reason ... I might not have updated Beyblade Spirit in a while, but this sort of obvious information is already there, and there is just no discussion value here.
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I watched Sol Blaze, the Scorching-hot Invader on Youtube, and I found out what Helios' clan, especially his grandfather, was up to; raze the world using Sol Blaze's power to create extreme weather and natural disasters and then a meteor to finish the job, and then create a new world where they rule over everything. At least that's what I think. Plus, Helios was but a pawn in this nefarious scheme concocted by his sinister grandfather who wields that very Beyblade used to unlock Sol Blaze; Dark Poseidon, which he tried to kill Gingka and Helios (Helios changed sides as soon as his evil granddaddy revealed that he was a pawn) with, but was thwarted by Kyoya, as Gingka and Helios went to this space shuttle that the old fiend was going to use to complete his plans of world domination, and took off to where the meteor is. The two then used their Beyblades to shatter the meteor into a billion pieces, thus ending the threat.

Dark Poseidon 145WD, the Beyblade used by Helios' ambitious grandfather to unlock Sol Blaze V145AS
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that sounds cool pm me the link if you can I would like to see it or If you can't i will just find it
(Jul. 31, 2011  5:05 AM)drakio Wrote: that sounds cool pm me the link if you can I would like to see it or If you can't i will just find it

You can download the movie right from here ... Look at DranzerX13's stickied topics.
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oh thanks I ll try it later
(Jul. 31, 2011  3:35 AM)Kai-V Wrote: ... Is this even really needed ?

I think it is OK, because somebody might want to know about the beyblade villains(?) and those didn't ever play Plastics and HMS MIGHT want to know how they look like.(at least me, anyway)

Anyway, this belongs to the Anime so I think there isn't any problem with this.
I almost forgot Poison Serpent! Yikes! O.O

Poison Serpent SW145SD