Driger v2 hardness and résistance ?

hello can someone tell me if driger v2 is a solid bey? Has anyone ever managed to break a v2 driger? Is the ring of attack strong and resistant? I would like to get it but as it is my favorite spinning top I am afraid it will break because I intend to play a lot with it, so should I take 2 or even 3?

thank you to those who will answer me
Driger v2 is a tank and can take a lot if hits but again it is a beyblade of plastic material produced 15-16 years ago so it may break buy two to three copies
Driger V2 is incredibly powerful, even back in the day. BUT!! That power comes with a fairly hefty price: the force of the hits it gives & takes put stress onto the otherwise covered Blade Base clips...eventually causing them to break. (Especially if you have Hasbro's version). So you'll definitely want to have additional copies for future use.
I don't think the clips were any more or less fragile depending on the manufacturer.

The ARs and SP are not unbreakable, for the record, one of my ARs has some stress marks. There are also two versions of the SP, one is reinforced. The first is fragile. The second, it's not what I'd call a fragile bey like, say, Dranzer F. But attack vs attack, you can damage it in very violent match ups, yes, like most plastics.