I always used to use this back in the day.

Driger S AR
10S WD the smaller one
Driver V Base
Thats good exept change the base to Daciel S and put a magnet spin gear in then you have a kiking Defense custom
A good defense customization Pinching_eyes
It isn't an original out of the box beyblade its parts have been switched Chief - Idea!
Yeah mine isn't like that the base is just really worn.
I love this thread already. <3
Yes I am suggesting a better combo
Also Driver V lol
Chill. I get that your suggesting a better combo. sheesh
Just a tip, when your writing combos, always say the name of the parts not just 'Driger S AR'. Oh and you should say which SG your using in the combo.
I think the WD you refering to is '10 Heavy'? Anywayz.... the Driger V Base isn't the best base but Tiger Denfence is a pretty good AR Smile
Do you have other blades or is this just a old combo from back in the day?
I have a ton of other blades. This was just a combo i used to use. I can't find half of mine though. Hopefully I find them, we're moving so we have to go through everything so I should find them somewhere.
Can you list them ?
The ones I can find are.

Dranzer S,F,V,G,MS
Driger F,V
Draciel F, V, V2, MS
Wolborg 2
Spin Dragoon
Master Dranzer
Flash leopard 2
Orthros G
Metal Dranzer
Metal Draciel
Master Driger
Auto Change Balancer
Jumping Base

I know I have Uriel 2 and like 15 other beyblades somewhere...
Do you have Dragoon S? Is your Uriel Hasbro or Takara?
For the mean time
AR Trygle
WD 10 Wide
SG Right
BB SG Flat
No I don't have Dragoon S. Uriel is takara.
Also try this =>

AR: Tiger Defenser (Driger S)
WD: 10-Heavy
SG: Left SG (Wolborg 2)
BB: Defense Grip Base 2 (Wolborg 2)
Metal Dranzer, Gazzly
If Uriel is Takara then if you use it in attack mode it is the fastest (or second) plastic gen tip there is!
That's what I thought.
Oh, cool. If I find it that is. =/
^^^Metal Dranzer's base.

You should look around the wiki some, btw. Anyway, try:
Smash Attack Customization
AR: Trygle
WD: 10 wide
SP: Draciel V2
BB: Uriel 2

if you can find uriel 2.
For defense, try:
AR: Driger S
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: MG Core
BB: Seaborg

for a bad endurance, try:
AR: Driger S
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Right
BB: Master Dranzer/ Metal Draciel
woo i thought you were talking about me (my username)
I found Uriel 2!
Sorry for double post. Didn't wanna make a separate topic for it.

Uh so the base broke first battle o.O
(Feb. 28, 2009  11:13 PM)BlackDranzer Wrote: I found Uriel 2!
Sorry for double post. Didn't wanna make a separate topic for it.

Uh so the base broke first battle o.O

yeah this sounds about right, i broke two in a day