Draining Dragoon! A plastic testing thread

Hello! Thanks for clicking on this post. I hope this thread can maybe have a chance at bringing back some competitive combo threads, since that seems to be an art long forgotten. If you have any questions about the combo/other attack rings that you’ve found to work/want me, or someone else to try on the setup please post below! Thanks!

The combo is as follows:
AR: Spike Dragon
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Left SG (Heavy Metal Core)
BB: Spiral Change Base

This is a combo based around the attack subtype known as spin stealing attack. The goal of this combo is to knockout the opponent/outspin right spinning blades. Each part of this combo assists in what it is meant to do. The parts contributes as follows:
Spike Dragon: Usually not a notable attack ring, however it is able to give very hard hits on this setup while still retaining the ability to equalize (although, not very well)
Wide Defense: Used due to its high weight and high OWD, also helps the attack. Generally can’t go wrong with this.
Neo Left Casings: Standard left spin casings with the ability to hold the Heavy Metal Core.
Heavy Metal Core (HMC): used to provide a little more weight and to try and make up for the lack of a rubber tip in weight
Spiral Change Base: used for it having the highest lad in the plastics metagame, along with a plastic hole flat tip to provide aggressive movement

How did I reach this combo? Some users on the WBO discord server in the #HMS-plastics channel were talking about spiral change base and how it self koes very easily in attack mode. Me wanting to try it out, did with a stock dranzer s and I couldn’t get it to self ko at all in my b-09 burst standard stadium. I then asked what stadium they used and some said tornado attack, others bb10. I then remembered the difference that these standard stadiums have in terms of the ridge, with the b-09 having a much more forgiving one. I then discovered the spin steal attack subtype thanks to PlasticsDB and came up with this and the Dual Dragon variation of the combination.

These are all based off of the types of these combos I can personally make, there may be variants that do better/worse

Vs. Stamina
Tiger Defenser | Ten Heavy | Neo Right SG (North Magnecore) | Defense Ring | Customize Metal Sharp Base
Spike Dragon: 14 Wins (8KO 6OS)
Stamina: 6 Wins (2KO 4OS)

Notes: The spike dragon/dragoon combo was launched at a very very hard tilt, spiral change base was in the “attack mode” (both modes are attack, the “attack mode” is just a little bit taller) for better performance vs this BB


Vs. Circle Survivor
Tiger Defenser | Ten Heavy | Right Engine Gear (Circle Survivor) | Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) | Circle Survivor
Spike Dragon: 1 Win (1 KO)
Circle Survivor: 9 Wins (8OS 1KO)

Notes: Circle survivor was not wound for any battle. Spiral change base was in the taller attack mode to try and reach tiger defenser. All in all this is spike dragons worst nightmare other than attack (we’ll get there later). Spike dragon, being pretty recoily can’t really equalize with such a tall opponent well, it is also very hard for it to ko tiger defenser because it cannot make direct contact with the ar easily. If you can manage to make consistent contact with tiger defenser, the battle will go your way (the one battle spike dragon won, the circle survivor combo had leaned over to let spike dragon hit it). However, this is very rare. If you want better performance in this matchup, swap out spike dragon for dual dragon (dragoon f’s AR) which scored a 6-4 (dual dragon winning with 5 os and 1 ko and circle survivor custom with 4 outspins) Vs this same combo with all the same factors (check the other ARs section of this thread for more details on dual dragon)


Vs. Left DZombie
Turtle Survivor | Ten Wide | Neo Left SG (Double Bearing Version) | SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft | Defense Ring | Customize Grip Base
Spike Dragon: 9 Wins (6 OS 3 KO)
DZombie: 1 Win (1 KO)

Notes: Spiral change base was in the lower mode for this test. Probably one of the easiest matchups for this combo, spiral change has a good bit of stamina (enough to hold off a defensive zombie, anyways) so this thing cannot really do much. Best strategy is to flat launch spike dragon and stall it out but tilting and trying to ko is a viable, although more risky, strategy.


Vs. Right DZombie
Tiger Defenser | Ten Wide | Neo Right SG (Double Bearing Version) | SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft | Defense Ring | Customize Grip Base
DZombie: 10 Wins (8 OS 2KO)
Spike Dragon: 10 wins (9 OS 1 KO)

Notes: Spiral change in “stamina mode” (both modes attack, but this is the lower one). Dzombie was light launched. Very even match here, what it really comes down to is if spike dragon decides to work with you and equalize right. While koes can happen, they are usually not in your favor. Dual dragon is a better pick for this matchup. This is because it is able to equalize much better than spike dragon (check other ARs section for more information)


Vs. Right Zombie
Tiger Defenser | Ten Wide | Neo Right SG (Double Bearing Version) | Defense Ring | Customize Grip Base
Zombie: 7 Wins (4OS 3KO)
Spike Dragon: 3 Wins (3KO)

Notes: Spiral change was in “stamina mode”. Zombie was light launched. Rough matchup for Spike dragon. Hard to ko this thing for it and the zombie has enough lad to make it rough for dragoon. Opt for dual dragon if you are going against a right spin zombie, you will have a much easier time.


Vs. Left Zombie
Turtle Survivor | Ten Wide | Neo Left SG (Double Bearing Version) | Defense Ring | Customize Grip Base
Zombie: 5 Wins (3KO 2OS)
Spike Dragon: 5 Wins (4KO 1OS)

Notes: Spiral change in the “stamina mode”. A very even matchup that is decided by a dice roll. The spike dragon player wants a hard tilt and to try to keep a flower, while the left zombie player wants the blade to go fast around the tornado ridge. This matchup mainly comes down to who gets the wall save and who doesn’t.


Vs. Left Attack
Hayate Attack Ring | Ten Wide | Neo Left SG (North Magnecore) | Defense Grip Base (Inverted)
For some reason Hayate AR is not currently legal under WBO rules??? Wild thing because it is banned under product restrictions despite being fully compatible with all blades of the series and not really a spin off? No clue, but I am going to do the test because once this unjust rule is fixed it will be a cheap staple for left spin attack.
Hayate: 10 Wins (10KO)
Spike Dragon: 0 Wins


Vs. Right Attack
Mountain Hammer | Ten Wide | Neo Right SG (North Magnecore) | Defense Grip Base (Inverted)
Mountain Hammer: 10 Wins (10KO)
Spike Dragon: 0 Wins

Notes: Hard tilt light launch on spike dragon. Standard attack launch for mountain hammer/hayate. “I’ll teach you the meaning of true fear!” (Reference humor) Joking aside, this really is how these matches go. They are near impossible for spike dragon to win. The lack of grip on spiral change makes all the difference here. You are at your opponents mercy for these matches, even if they mess up you still probably lose unless they self ko. (These are so hard to win in fact that sometimes your blade just crumbles under the pressure). Dual dragon will do “better” although still losing 10-0.


Other good ARs for this setup (and what it sets out to do):

Dual Dragon: very good AR for this setup, on par with the spike dragon variant. It is good to use this right or left spin (unlike spike dragon, which wants left). This attack ring grants the spiral change user much more peace of mind vs opposite spin foes, being able to equalize much easier, and much more consistent than spike dragon. The downside of this attack ring is that it doesn’t have as much punch as spike dragon has. You can use this AR in left or right and still never match spike dragon’s attack power. Still, it is able to score some koes nevertheless. Overall a very good choice for this combo

Wing Survivor: I know, I know what you’re about to say “wing survivor Broyeeto? Have you lost it!?“ And my answer to that question is maybe. Anyways this attack ring should only be used in right spin on this setup (if you want spin stealing attack and not just a bad equalizer). This blade is a weird pick for the combo, weird not meaning bad. This attack ring is akin to double dragon by having less attack than spike dragon but it has a tad bit more than double dragon in right spin but being on par with what double dragon brings in left (just in a right spin package). The equalization potential on this AR is fair, but not double dragon level. The main thing holding this blade back is nothing being outstanding compared to other existing options, it lacks the power of spike dragon but doesn’t have the equalization of double dragon to make up for it. Overall a solid option that will do you well if you want to get some dust off one of those 10 dranzer g’s you just have lying around (doesn’t everyone?) (Also my personal favorite, not for being the best choice but for giving the attack ring that has never really seen any love some time in the spotlight)

Good situations for this combo:
B-09 stadium is needed to have any luck. Compacts, generally easy for this thing to ko (if opposite spin, os). Left defensive zombies, very easy for spiral change to ko and os.
(If using double dragon, opposite spin battles you will usually be at a good situation)

Okay situations for this combo: Left zombies are a 50/50 coin toss if you ko them or they ko you. Right defensive zombies are also even, it depends on if spike dragon decides to work for you rather than against you.

Bad situations for this combo: Circle survivor is a death sentence for the stamina side of matchups, very very hard for spike dragon to beat. Attack decimates this thing (I now noticed that last test I did with hayate broke my spike dragon, gonna have to buy another one sadly). There is very little you can do to survive this. Right zombies, while winnable are a bad situation for this combo.

Unknown Match Ups: Force Smash

In the end I believe this to be a competitive combo if you are playing in the b-09 stadium. This blade does very well overall except for a few matchups (can’t win em all!). I would like to thank PlasticsDB by th!nk for being a good resource for learning about plastics. If you’re interested in the plastic generation of beyblade, hit him up! Thanks for reading this thread and excuse me while I go search for another dragoon v2 attack ring.
Very nice thread and thorough report of what you've been talking about on Discord! Nice to see these kinds of tests again.
ccompetitive ccombo testing thread on succ attacc gj m8
Very cool testing, plastics best gen everyone should play
Exceptional stuff yeets, just really really great to see. Thanks for exploring and furthering PLA, and even daring to make a thread on the forums!