Drain fafnir counter testing part 1

Welcome to my first thread! Basically what I'm doing is testing all of my layers to see if any of them can counter drain fafnir's spin stealing and win. I've organized my layers in alphabetical order and by generation. 
      The main reason I want to do multiple parts instead of one big thread is because if not, it will be incredibly long. at the end I will give a brief overview of my tests. So let's get on with the tests.

Parts for Drain fafnir: 4g At

Parts for the tested layer: 4g At

Number of test battles: 10

Type of launch: soft launch

Layer being tested: Doomscisor

Results: 1 tie: Doomscisor won, but I bursted easily and when it didn't, I still barely won and it was close

Win rate : D1: 60% - dF: 30%

Layer being tested: Evipero

Results: 4 ties: Evipero lost, but it was even with every match. It was very close the whole time.

Win rate: E1: 20% - dF: 40% 

Layer being tested: Horusood 

Results: 4 ties: it won by a bit, but a different launch or a dF combo with more L.A.D. could win against it. 

Win rate: H1: 50% - dF: 10%

Layer being tested: Kerbeus

Results: 1 tie: I don't know why, but it did great against dF, I would OS it's by a second or two almost every battle, plus since it's a defense type layer, it's harder to burst. 

Win rate: K1: 90% - dF: 0%

Layer being tested: Miniboros

Results: 2 ties: it did ok but it would burst almost every time, and it was very close when it won.

Win rate: M1: 30% - dF: 50%

Layer being tested: Nepstrius

Results: 2 ties: it did great and won by a good amount, but due to the fact that it bursts really easily makes it a risk. 

Win rate: N1: 60% - dF: 20%

Layer being tested: Odax

Results: 4 ties: the results were mixed to say the least. Odax bursted once, but it also OS dF by a bit

Win rate: O1: 20% - dF: 40%

Layer being tested: Roktavor

Results: 8 ties: it tied a lot but with Atomic having agility, it was able to knock dF around a bit and even get an over finish.

Win rate: R1: 20% - dF: 0%

Layet being tested: Spryzen

Results: 5 ties: it did ok and it only bursted once.

Win rate: S1: 10% - dF: 40%

Layer being tested: Treptune

Results: 4 ties: it was effective at dealing hits on dF and knock it around. It got a over finish on dF and OS it with a couple seconds of spin most of the time

Win rate: T1: 60% - dF: 0%

Overall the effective counters were Kerbeus and Treptune, both having spin to spare after beating dF unlike Horusood that lost almost immediately after beating it. And with their high burst resistant they won't burst as easy as nepstrius which did good, but was too much of a risk because of it's low burst resistant.

That's the end of part one. Tell me what you think and tips on things I can do better. Thanks for reading!