Dragoon Beyblades

Welcome to my buying thread,

Im Looking for these NIB ONLY cause there gonna stay NIB and all original colors, (white), unless stated otherwise, also i prefer takara dragoons because thats what brand all my dragoons are so far and i want it so stay that way (all takara dragoons).

I pay with PAYPAL ONLY

Spin/Ultimate Dragoon
Dragoon Grip Attacker
Dragoon S
Dragoon MSUV (White)
Dragoon MSUV (Proto Grey)
Dragoon MF

already have these (ALL NIB)
I have a Dragoon V as well; mint and never used. The stickers have been applied though. Like Frownie, please send me a PM if you're interested. =)
I have a Dragoon V Toys R Us Limited Edition Red Version for sale. Its NIB, PM me an offer.
hey thanx for helping me out also there r alot of people with dragoon v and v2 thats kool
wolborgms: thanx i know already i just kinda want the proto gray version more than the white 1 (which is what he has)

i know it will probably be a long wait but it will be worth it in the long run to get my fav. bey EVER
Just to know, how much are you willing to offer for a proto gray msuv?
depends on the condition

MINT= probably ALOT
Oh, didn't notice that you can only buy from people in the US...guess I can't sell to you then.
beyfan i recently added that after my dad told me i cant buy internationally sorry
i edited the OP
I can sell u a dragoon grip attacker. Give me an offer, it has no stickers except the bit chip. But never used
check out my selling/trading thread! http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Trumpetb...ing-Thread

you might see something you're looking for (I have a couple of dragoons)

really looking for msuv proto gray MINT
(like alot of people)
edited the OP
(Mar. 31, 2011  11:34 PM)coiL Wrote: http://cgi.ebay.com/Beyblade-HMS-Takara-...3366773440

Check that Smile

its blah's proto grey msuv..
(Mar. 31, 2011  11:34 PM)coiL Wrote: http://cgi.ebay.com/Beyblade-HMS-Takara-...3366773440

Check that Smile

i know ive been watching that thing like a hawkim going to try my best to get it (hopefully ill win, wish me luck)
Yeah, that is going to be extremely hard to win. On eBay, MSUV and Dragoon MS beys go for extremely high prices.
yea i know i bet the last few seconds will be CRAZY