[Draft]  Ring - Hollow (Takara Tomy)

Hollow (ホロウ, Horō) is a Ring released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Superking Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-176 Random Booster Vol. 23 on December 26th, 2020.
Hollow, like its predecessor Killer Deathscyther, is an attack layer with 6 blades- 3 on one side made of plastic with a metal underside. and a big metal blade carved into a scythe shape. As part of the Superking Layer System, Hollow is compatible with any Right-Spin or Dual-Spin Superking Chip and Chassis.

In theory the eccentric centre of gravity caused by the design should allow the 3 small blades to barrage foes and hit a big attack with the scythe. In truth, the instability due to the metal makes it even more unbalanced than the Xcalibur line, which are well known for their imbalance. As a result, Lucifer II and 4A are often used to offset this.

That said, only the metal scythe will be damaging opposing beyblades due to its much wider surface area. Even so, this allowed it to perform comparably to stationary attack Xcalibur combinations in the past.
==Use in attack combinations==
Hollow can be used in the combination Hollow Lucifer II /Solo,on/Lucifer I/Spriggan 1S/4A Wheel Destroy'/Xtreme'/Xceed'. Both combinations involve using the metal distribution of Lucifer II/4A's extra weight to balance out the imbalance, allowing it to be used as an attack combination thanks to the heavy weight of Wheel and the speed of Destroy'/Xceed'/Xtreme'.
==Use in stamina combinations==
The aforementioned Hollow Lucifer II 4A layer can be paired with wheel and xtend+ for use in stamina combinations. While tempest s preferred, Hollow is a good alternative, as it has great opposite spin stamina and good same spin stamina.
Much like the Xcalibur line, if Hollow's imbalanced can be dealt with, it is able to perform well in attack combinations. Even with the release of the dynamite battle layer system, it is still very viable, even with the release of parts such as the L Gear and Dynamite Blade.

As such, Hollow is not a must have but is a welcome addition to any blader's collection.
This is criminally underutilizing hollow. Hollow is kind of like Lost Longinus in the evolution/God series: it’s still viable even thought it’s from the previous generation. The best utilization of hollow is ok stamina combos, where it excels. Hollow Lucifer2 4A specifically is a great layer to use it on, and wheel Xtend+ works well as a versatile combo for it that has great opposite spin stamina and decent same spin.