Draft: Poison Giraffe S130MB

I think I made sure what I was saying made sense before I posted.

Then shouldn't we change the names to Track and Bottom from Spin Track and Performance Tip? That's what I was trying to suggest from the beginning, Ultra...
I read that Poison is 29.6 grams. Can anyone confirm?
(Sep. 13, 2012  8:44 PM)GaHooleone Wrote: I think I made sure what I was saying made sense before I posted.

Then shouldn't we change the names to Track and Bottom from Spin Track and Performance Tip? That's what I was trying to suggest from the beginning, Ultra...

Um when it's posted that will be done. Which I thought was obvious by oh well.
Quote:Note: This Beyblade was re-named "Poison Zurafa S130MB" by Hasbro.

Face: Giraffe

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Camelopadalis, one of the 88 constellations in space. The word "Giraffe" is written across its body, even in Hasbro's Zurafa version.

Clear Wheel: Giraffe
Weight: 2.8 grams

The Giraffe Clear Wheel was originally released in a transparent yellow-green color with orange details. The Clear wheel is oval-shaped with curved lines of orange fire, as well as two small notches sticking out, resembling giraffe heads. In this release, it is a clear white with black details.

Metal Wheel: Poison

Poison has fifteen rectangular protrusions on its circumference, each the same size and about 4 mm apart at the widest point. While this is not wide enough to provide useful Smash Attack, it still produces relatively large amounts of Recoil, making this part useless for Defense or Stamina. Furthermore, similar to Flame, the Metal Wheel is raised at the base, exposing the track to opposing Beyblades, making it even less useful for Defense purposes. This Recoil is worsened by the light weight of the Metal Wheel, which allows it to be easily knocked around and KO'ed by opposing Beyblades. This means it has little to no use for Attack either. Due to these factors, Poison has absolutely no competitive use. In this release, Poison is painted deep purple for aestethic purposes.

Track: Shield 130
Weight: 3.3 grams

Made only of plastic, S130 has a horizontal disk attached to its centre. This disk consists of eight arms linked by some relatively round webs of plastic, which overall forms an imperfect circle. In this release S130 is of a dark grey color.

S130's inferior weight compared to Tracks like BD145 and GB145 render it outclassed for Defense purposes. However, where this Track has found a home is in Attack combos. S130 adds much needed weight to an attacker without obscuring its contact points. Also, its mid-sized height allows Attack Metal Wheels to score hits on a number of opposing heights. This makes S130 viable to be used with some Attack Wheels, including VariAres and Flash.

Use In Attack Customization
S130 can be put to good use in the Flash combo '''MF-H Flash Escolpio/Pisces/Orion S130RF''', adding a decent amount of weight to Flash without covering up contact points, and placing the Metal Wheel at the height where it is most effective in dealing hits, due to its design.

Bottom: Metal Ball

MB is a variation of the Ball tip, with its bottom surface made fully out of metal. It has a wide surface area and heavy weight, making it a very versatile tip. Being metal, it provides the low friction needed for longer endurance. Its lack of traction makes it very easy to KO and destabilize. As such, it has only found a home in a small number of combos.

Use in Balance Customization
MB is a vital piece in the Duo combo '''MF-H Duo Aquario/Cancer/Cygnus 230MB'''. This combo works as a wobbler combination. Due to the maximal height and the ball-shaped tip, the combo has the ability to wobble at extreme angles and recover. It uses destabilization and force grind to defeat opponents. Because of the nature of MB, its greatest weakness is Attack types however.

Use in Defense/Balance combo Customization
Although now outclassed, the combo ''MF-H Basalt ___ BD145MB'' was one of the first combinations to find competitive use with Metal Ball. This combo has good synergy which means that, as a whole, it works well together. Due to its heavy nature, it couldn’t be knocked out easily. Metal Ball also worked well with BD145 as it requires tall tips to avoid scraping. Lastly, this Bottom can go into aggressive movement patterns if launched a certain way, which works well with Basalt's nature to knock out and/or destabilize others combos.

Even though this Beyblade has some outclassed parts, it provides an easy way to acquire S130 and MB, both of which have survived the passage of time and still serve in top-tier customizations. While this can be acquired from the more competitive L-Drago Guardian, this Beyblade is easier to find and cheaper, so it is an easier alternative. For those only with access to Hasbro releases, it's the best option, especially to make the Basalt combination since this manufacturer hasn't released the good mold of Duo. It can also provide spare MB tips for cheap. In conclusion, this is a worthwhile purchase.

It seems fine now, however, it implies that we need to get an article on "force grind" or "grinding".
Looks great, I should be able to get the pictures up of the parts.

P.S. You wrote "Metak Wheel" in the Poison paragraph.
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