[Draft]  Performance tip - Hold'

Hold' features a wide, tilting, free rotating flat tip surrounded by a textured ring. Due to the wide surface area, this Performance Tip is one of, if not the most aggressive and fastest tips in the game. While this level of speed implies that a Beyblade using this tip would launch itself out of the stadium, the friction given by the textured ring allows it to stay on the Tornado Ridge, the free spinning nature of the tip mitigates its speed to more controllable levels and the tilting aspect of the tip also provides stability to prevent the Beyblade from tipping over and allows more of the textured ring to contact the stadium.

Due to the wide shape of the tip, it is incredibly difficult to maintain a banking pattern, however it can be used as a counter against Tornado Staller and Mobile Stamina Combinations as its speed can outpace most of the common tip choices such as AccelZephyrand Trans, but it cannot be used for a Tornado Staller Combination as the Stamina of the Tip is too low for it to be feasible in this manner.

However, the speed of the Performance Tip can vary as some Hold' tips spin more freely than others, the more the tip spins freely, the more Stamina it has and the easier it is to control, but at the cost of speed. When like this, Hold' will not catch on the Tornado Ridge but will instead circle around the center slowly. Once contact has been made with the opponent, the force of impact will make the textured ring contact the stadium creating sudden bursts of acceleration.

Additionally, some Hold' tips have a low angle cone tip akin to Xtend+ in stamina mode as opposed to a round flat. This can give combinations exceptional stamina if a blader can acquire this particular variation. When a combination with this variant is launched parallel to the stadium, Hold' will settle into the center creating a stable, Stamina-conserving spin. When knocked off balance by the opponent or launched at an angle, the textured ring will contact the stadium floor briefly increasing friction and aggression to both slow down the combination and counter attack.

Due to these factors, Hold' does not perform well in Attack Combinations, but it performs best in Spin Equalization Combinations. The free spinning nature and tilting plate of Hold' allows for excellent Spin Equalization potential while also granting the procession and Life After Death needed to win such matches.

Like other dash Performance Tips, Hold' features a stronger spring lock, increasing the Tip's Burst resistance.


Mostly copypasta from the original Hold wiki entry. I added in the my personal experiences with the rare mold variant-

photos for proof of a low angled cone in this thread:

I call it a rare variant as a few people have told me that they have not had a cone tip- but probability is against me having the ONLY one of this variant.