[Draft]  Performance tip/Driver- Volcanic'(dash)

Quote:Volcanic’[Volcanic Dash] is a performance tip released as a part of burst system as well as Cho Z Layer System. It debuted it’s release with Chou Z Customize Set – Crash Ragnarok 5cross Volcanic’ on 17th November, 2018.
Volcanic’, like previously released Volcanic, features a tilting, free rotating flat tip with a textured design, akin to a smaller Hold. 

Like Hold, the wide surface area of the plate makes Volcanic’, like previously released Volcanic, of the more aggressive and faster tips in the game. While this level of speed implies that a Beyblade using this tip would launch itself out of the stadium, the friction given by the textured ring allows Volcanic, to stay on the Tornado Ridge, the free spinning nature and smaller diameter of the tip mitigates its speed to more controllable levels and the tilting aspect of the tip provides stability to prevent the Beyblade from tipping over and allows more of the textured ring to contact the stadium and the Tornado Ridge. 
While the smaller diameter makes it easier to maintain a banking pattern with Volcanic’, like previously released Volcanic, than with Hold, the pattern still breaks very quickly.In Addition to old Features of Volcanic, Volcanic' also has the DASH feature, That means it has a golden thicker spring, that increases burst resistance, as well as chances of self burst which is a  major problem for Energy Layers Released Before Cho Z Layer System.


Due to Volcanic[‘]’s design, the speed of the Performance Tip can vary as some Volcanic tips spin more freely than others, the more the tip spins freely, the more stamina it has and the easier it is to control, but at the cost of speed.

Due to the identical mechanism and similar shape, Volcanic’, like previously released Volcanic, also performs well in Spin-Equalization combinations as the free spinning nature and tilting plate of Volcanic’ allows for excellent Spin-Equalization potential while also granting the procession and Life-After-Death needed to win such match-ups. However, the smaller diameter mitigates Volcanic[‘]'s Life-After-Death potential.

Volcanic’, like previously released Volcanic, is slightly taller than most other tips. This height difference would, in theory, increase the rate of Disc-to-Layer contact and Burst the opponent. However, due to the height of most Layers and the minimal difference in height, such contact is rare.

While Volcanic’, like previously released Volcanic, has greater Stamina and greater control than its predecessor Hold, it also lags behind its predecessor in Attack, stability and Life-After-Death. Furthermore, all Volcanic’, Volcanic and Hold are heavily outclassed by Destroy.

As such, Volcanic, is recommended for collection purposes only.