[Draft]  Fixing Nexus description

Nexus (ネクサス, Nekusasu) is a [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Forge Disc released by [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Takara Tomy[/color] as part of the [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Burst System[/color] as well as the [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Dynamite Battle Layer System[/color]. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-180 Booster [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Dynamite Belial Nexus Venture-2[/color] on April 24th, 2021.[/color]
Takara Tomy's Nexus is a DB Disc with eight blades divided among an upper and lower section. In theory, much like similar discs such as Wing and Nine, it is meant to create a good mix of Upward and Downward Force (much like Boost and Nine combined) for increased mobility, but such an effect is barely noticeable in practice, and the blades heavily reduce Nexus' Life After Death. Due to its shape, Nexus works best in Attack Combinations.

The [color=var(--theme-link-color)]S Gear [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Evolution Gear[/color] can be attached to Nexus, akin to a Core Disc with a [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Disc Frame[/color]. When set in its face-up position, the four tabs of the S Gear lock into four grooves on Nexus, becoming fixed in place. When set in its face-down position, there are no tabs and thus the S Gear can free-spin on Nexus. Theoretically, the fixed mode is meant for attack, while the free spin mode is meant for Defense, like 2B. However, unlike 2B, both modes work as intended.[/color]

Adding on the S Gear increase the weight of Nexus exponentially to the heaviest of all discs (35.2 grams, compared to Over’s 33.2 grams), which lends it weight to attack combinations and increases a Spin equalisation combinations’s knockout resistance.

 Like other DB Discs, when paired with standard height Performance Tips, it has a scrape risk, worsened with the S Gear on. That said, the fixed mode’s scrape risk is negligible for attack, while its free spin mode’s can be reduced when paired with a talle performance tip such as Bearing', High Xtend+' or Mobius for better spin equalisation.
==Use in Attack Combinations==
Nexus+S (fixed) can be used in the Attack combination Savior/Ultimate Belial 2/Perseus Nexus+S (fixed) Xtreme'/Quick'/Jolt'-3. The 3 armor focuses weight on its 3 outermost contacts, and Nexus+S lends weight to its attack, with Belial 2’s Burst Stopper and strong teeth of the cores and dash locks of the tips reduce recoil. A Left Spin Variant can be Guilty Longinus/Bahamut-2 as the layer instead.
==Use in Spin Equalisation Combinations==
Nexus+S (free spin) can be used in the Spin equalisation combination Vanish Bahamut/Longinus(or Dynamite+F Valkyrie 1/Belial 2) Nexus+S (free spin) Bearing'/Mobius/High Xtend+'-0/10. The tall height of the tips allow it function akin to the 00Lift/Wall Bearing combinations, diminishing its scrape risk while retaining high LAD to outspin opponents. Be sure to set the layer to the opposite of your opponent’s spin direction for best results.