[Draft]  Energy Layer - Right/Left Eclipse

Right/Left Eclipse is a Right Spin/Left Spin Balance Type Energy Layer that is the result of the combination of Left Apollos and Right Artemis with Right Artemis'/Left Apollos' center piece via the two Layers' shared gimmick. The left side features the Left Apollos half with multiple spikes on each side and the right side features the Right Artemis half with three blades akin to Wild Wyvern. The combinations of Left Apollos, the sun, and Right Artemis, the moon, represent the Layer's namesake; an eclipse. As part of the Cho-Z Layer System, Right/Left Eclipse features metal in its design; lining the blades. The inclusion of metal makes the Layer heavier than most SwitchStrike/God Layers.

The hybrid design of Right/Left Eclipse is meant to create a mixed performance between Defense and Attack, however, like most Balance Type parts, this leads to mediocre performance in both categories. Furthermore, both sides feature too little recoil for Attack potential and too much recoil for Defense and Stamina potential, even when against opposite spin opponents.

Due to the gimmick, Right/Left Eclipse is incompatible with a Level Chip.

With too little recoil for Attack and too much recoil for Defense and Stamina, Right/Left Eclipse is outclassed by many other Layers such as Winning Valkyrie.

As such, Right/Left Eclipse is recommended for collection purposes only.

I'm putting this as Right/Left Eclipse since they're pretty much the same Layer with the same performance (abysmal). When I'm putting this up on the wiki I'll edit the Right/Left parts to match the page