[Draft]  Energy Layer - Dead Phoenix

Dead Phoenix is Defense type Cho-Z System Energy Layer. Like a rP, have dP layer frame (Dead Armour), which may be released during the battle. Main colors in this layer is red, silver, black/dark purple. As a part of the Cho-Z Layer System, metal is featured in dP design. In the middle of layer is metal silver Phoenix and around this is red area. On the left and right of the Dead Armour is a silver metal area. On the "corners" is red "fire". Outside of Dead Armour is black/dark purple.

Like some others Cho-Z System Layers, dP is overpowered of Defense.
However, after the Dead Armour has burst off Phoenix, it will be completely exposed as there will be no metal inside the core part of Dead Phoenix, leaving it vulnerable to high strength attacks, even being matched by dual layer Beyblades.
(Feb. 06, 2019  5:25 PM)ks123 Wrote: ==Description==
Dead Phoenix, like its predecessor Revive Phoenix, is a Defense Type Energy Layer that features a bird in the center and four feathered blades that make up the bird's wings, meant to represent the Layer's namesake; the mythical immortal bird, the Phoenix. As part of the Super-Z Layer System, Dead Phoenix features metal in its design; lining the the wings, which makes Dead Phoenix heavier than most God/Switch-Strike Layers. Dead Phoenix also features gimmicks; like its predecessor, the Layer can Burst twice and like Dead Hades, the eight metal hexagons create what is dubbed "hexaweight".

To Burst twice, the four bladed outer perimeter making up the wings, known as the Dead Armour, is attached to the rest of the Layer by a mechanism different to what connects a Layer to a Performance Tip and will only release once a Dead Phoenix Combination loses a click. Since the Dead Armour has a weaker lock than Dead Phoenix's own medium length teeth, it parries impacts with the opponent, akin to Tornado Wyvern's free-spinning Layer. Furthermore, the Dead Armour is left in the stadium so as to interfere with the opponent's Tip to impede Banking Patterns and reduce Stamina. However, this can also interfere with the Dead Phoenix combination.

Unlike the Revive Armour, the Dead Armour contains more metal and is rounder, making it much heavier and reduces recoil, making it more difficult to remove. However, unlike Revive Phoenix's Revive Core, Dead Phoenix's Dead Core does not feature any metal, making it much lighter and makes the smoother perimeter the gimmick creates less effective at compensating for weight lost by shedding the Armour.

==Use in Defense Combinations==
Dead Phoenix can be used in the Defense Combination Dead Phoenix 00/0/10/7 Proof/Bump Atomic/Orbit. The heavy weight of 00/0/10/7 Bump creates high Knock-Out resistance while the heavy weight, teeth and gimmick of Dead Phoenix creates high Burst resistance. Atomic/Orbit further bolsters Knock-Out resistance and bolsters the Stamina of 10/7.

Dead Phoenix features heavy weight, a working gimmick and a low recoil design, making it near equal to Revive Phoenix.

As such, Dead Phoenix is a must have for competitive bladers.