[Draft]  Chassis - 3A

3A, also known as 3-Attack, is a [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Chassis[/color] released by [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Takara Tomy[/color]as part of the [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Burst System[/color] as well as the [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Superking Layer System[/color]. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-168 Booster [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Rage Longinus Destroy' 3A[/color] on June 27th, 2020.
3A is a Attack type Double Chassis featuring a design akin to Rage: a sharply angled blade that is solely plastic, and the second features metal and has a flatter design. It also somewhat resembles 1A due to its shape. Unlike most Chassis, it is only designed to spin left, so it can only be used with Left/Dual Spinning Chips and Rings.

In theory, 3A’s blades are supposed to excel at upper Attack, but in truth the rarity of Chassis-Layer contact makes such a use obsolete. It’s design is meant to line up with Rage, and when the 2 are paired up, their overall Attack Power is increased due to their combined weight. The 4 bladed design is also able to line up with World and Abyss, though their shapes don’t perform as well in Attack as with Rage.
(Reuses Combinations used in Rage page)
3A’s heavy weight, burst resistance and Attack Power paired with Rage made it one of the best Attack pairings for Same and opposite spin matchups. However, the advent of parts in the Dynamite Battle Layer System such as Vanish that could counter Rage and 3A makes them outclassed by Guilty.
As such, 3A is not a must have but is a worthy addition to any blader’s collection.