[Draft]  Bottom/Performance Tip - Final Drive

Final Drive features an automatic tip change gimmick, with a Semi Flat tip and a rubber tip akin to a mix between Rubber Flat and Hole Flat.

Early in battle, the centrifugal force of the Beyblade's spin will force two spring loaded tabs outward which will in turn force the Semi Flat tip out, resulting in an easily controllable, mildly aggressive movement pattern which has trouble reaching the Tornado Ridge. However, Semi Flat has too little aggression for Attack combinations, resulting in poor hits.

Later in battle, the drop in centrifugal force will allow the tabs to retract along with the Semi Flat tip, creating contact with the wider rubber tip. In theory this tip change is meant to create a last minute burst of Attack power, but in practice the low spin velocity will make poor hits and the contact with the rubber will reduce Stamina when it is most important.

Final Drive suffers from slow starting speeds and lower than average Stamina compared to other plastic Performance Tips, making it heavily outclassed by more traditional rubber tips such as Rubber Flat or Right Rubber Flat.

As such, Final Drive is recommended for collection purposes only.
The overall says "Reboot" rather than Final Drive.
(Sep. 01, 2018  10:30 PM)Jinbee Wrote: The overall says "Reboot" rather than Final Drive.

Dang it, one second
Final Drive seems strangely effective on Big Bang pegasis. It literally threw my Variares everywhere.